[Movie Review] The Eyes Diary 《鬼眼日记》

Movie Synopsis:
Feeling guilty and despair over his girlfriend, PLA's (Focus Jeerakul) death in a fatal motorcycle accident 3 months ago, NOTT (Porama “Panjan” Imanothai) tries to find ways to meet his PLA again, even if it means seeing her as a ghost.
      NOTT sets out to find a way that will help him open his eyes to the realm of the dead. He finally joins a body-collecting unit, volunteering to pick up the corpses. He secretly collects the personal objects of dead people who die of violent deaths, in hope to make contact with the spirits – and be able to see PLA again. Meanwhile, his friends who share the house with him, had creepy encounters that prompt them to move out. Only MODTA (Chonnikarn Netjui), a female friend, understands Nott’s suffering and tries to help him.
      NOTT’s close friend, JOHN (Kittisak Patomburana), who works together at the body-collecting unit, warns Nott to quit all the dark activities because they’re too dangerous. NOTT refuses to listen to JOHN and intensifies his efforts to contact the world of the spirits. All he wants is to confront the most vicious ghosts, which he believes, is the only way he’ll be able to talk to PLA again.
      Love and guilt drive NOTT to take the most dangerous step, not knowing that PLA has been watching him from the “other side”. The fate of the two young lovers are forever entwined in life and in death.

Movie Review:
This latest Thai Horror film, directed by one of Thailand most talented film makers, Chukiay Sakveerkul, features 4 Thailand raising stars ~ Kittisak Patomburana (JOHN), Chonnikarn Netjui (MODTA), Focus Jeerakul (PLA)  and Porama “Panjan” Imanothai (NOTT).
      While The Eyes Diary is classfied as Horror Movie, it also touches on the heart affair with a bit of comedy, so when you watch the movie, you have mixed feelings of fear, sadness and joy.
Among the 4 leading actors and actresses, I will think that Kittisak Patomburana (JOHN) and Chonnikarn Netjui (MODTA) fare better.  Especially Chommokarn, she managed to grasp the emotions of the role , bringing you to her inner world.  In fact, I think the supporting actor whom is slightly plump guy, is pretty outstanding, urghhh.... I forgotten his name and information is not readily available on the net as this is a new movie so keep a look out for him!
     Asked if I think the movie is scary enough, I won't say that this is the scariest movie that I have ever watched since there are some funny elements in the movie.  However, my aswer will be yes, the movie can be quite scary.  The movie is scary, not because of any CGI effect, but rather, because of the eerie and spooky setting, gruesome makeover of the casts and sound effects.
Many times, a sudden loud thud almost cause me to jump up from my chair.  As some of the makeover can be gruesome, so when I expect to see "something", I find myself having difficulty to keep my eyes opened wide.
  There is a twist at the ending, but if you are "as smart" as I am, you may have managed to get the hint and guessed it.  Nontheless, I felt that the 101mins is worth spending watching this movie and trust me, the movie is scarier then what you have thought or vs. the trailer.

Directed by: Chookiat Sakverakul ( “The Love of Siam”, “13 Sins”, and “Home”)
Starring: Porama Imanothai, Focus Jeerakul, Chonnikarn Netjui, Kittisak Patomburana

Movie Trailer:

The Eyes Diary 《鬼眼日记》 will be showing exclusively at Catahy Cineplexes: AMK Hub, Causeway Point, Cineleisure Orchard and JEM from 27th November 2014 onwards!

Last but not least, thanks Cloverfilms for the invitation to the preview screening! 


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