Thursday, November 20, 2014

Coca-Cola Movement is Happiness

Can you recall when was the last time you flew a kite with your kids, challenged your friend to a game of hopscotch, hula hooped with your family, or kicked off your shoes and ran on the grass?

(Photo Credit: Coca-Cola Singapore)

In partnership with the Health Promotion Board, ActiveSG, NParks, People’s Association, Coca-Cola had came up with a series of activities on Sundays @ the Park.  Grab your family and friends to the park and start visiting the parks.  Visit Sundays @ the Park at these locations between 8am and 11.30am, just keep an eye out for the red stickmen!   Refer to for latest updated schedule.

Last Saturday, we joined the Movement is Happiness Family Picnic @ Down Town East, a family-bonding event, held in partnership among Coca-Cola, Centre for Fathering and NTUC. Downtown East.  Went to the picnic with sister, CF, brother-in-law, and mom to the picnic session.

There are many fun activities, including Kite-Making, Carnival games, Bouncy Castle, etc.  These are great for family bonding, getting active and healthy together.

(Photo credit: CF Chai)

(Photo Credit: Coca-Cola Singapore)

(Photo Credit: Coca-Cola Singapore)

Despite the sudden downpour, we had much fun at the event...  Thanks Coca-Cola for the wholesome of picnic goodies!

In additional, Coca-Cola had partnered with Spotify to create the “Move Happy” app, which allows users to create personalized music playlists for their everyday activities.
Check out the app at:
Now, to spread some happiness, I'm doing a giveaway in collaboration with Coca-Cola Singapore.
1. Share on instagram, photos of you with your family or friends, being active in sports or games
2. Hashtag #movementishappiness and #happinessckchai
3. Giveaway will close by 10 Dec 2014 23:59 hrs and only available for residents in Singapore.

Two lucky winners will each win:
<      >
• A lanyard
• One frisbee
• One hula hoop
• One skipping rope
• A mobile phone case
• A Bag (Color may differs)
•  A 6-pack of Christmas Coca-Cola cans
• A can cosy (which helps to keep your Coke cool!) 

Prizes collection will be available at sessions 14-Dec onwards, winners may select your date of choice:

Disclaimer: If the session gets rained out, winners will have to collect their gifts at another time.

**Winners: @cookiehuijin @chokfern, congrats!

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