Casio G-SHOCK GPW-1000: World’s First Hybrid Timekeeping System

12 September 2014, Singapore - Casio Singapore presents a new G-SHOCK GPW-1000 series with the world’s first hybrid time keeping system, using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Wave Time-Calibration Hybrid Technology to ensure utmost precision and reliability for aviation adventures.

World’s First Hybrid Timekeeping System
Casio’s innovative timekeeping system enables the GPW-1000 to simultaneously receive both GPS and radio wave time calibration signals from six stations worldwide, so wearers can accurately adjust the time display, reflecting changes in time zones and daylight savings.

The watch frame is also reinforced with fine resin to protect built-in GPS antennas while maintaining sensitivity to receive precise time and location signals regardless of terrain or weather condition.

Toughness and Durability
The GPW-1000 promises superb durability without compromising on comfort and style. Wrist bands are made of a cool resin material strengthened with carbon fibre, while the metal bezel is treated with a hard, diamond-like carbon coating to become scratch resistant.

The watch also features shadow-dispersing solar cells to receive light and a low-power GPS LSI to receive GPS signals without draining the batteries. Other features include water resistance of up to 200 metres, a Super Illuminator LED light for increased visibility as well as Casio’s proprietary Smart Access technology that allows quick and intuitive access to the various functions via a single dial.

Packed into a lightweighted 126g body and complete with Casio’s trademark Triple G Resist construction, the GPW-1000 is indestructible to meet the needs of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

The GPW-1000 comes in 3 colors - Blue (GPW-1000-1A), Black (GPW-1000-1B) and Orange (GPW-1000-4A) and is now available at Suggested Retail Price of SGD$999.00 in all G-FACTORY and G-FACTORY Premium stores in Singapore.


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