Anthony Neely's Truthful Confession 倪安東 真實告白

倪安東於數小時前上載了視頻,做出最真實的告白。坦言自己以在2010年與所愛的人結婚,並於2011年獲得了女千金。他希望大家可以藉由視頻,透過他的眼睛,感覺到他的真誠,並諒解他隱瞞的苦衷。當初為了愛,而隱瞞已婚的真相,是希望家人能夠保留個人隱私,避免受到不必要的騷擾。然而,與此同時,他的家人也因此受到傷害。因此,為了愛,他選擇公開真相,讓妻子不必再隱身, 也不再需要想辦法跟寶貝女兒解釋為什麼爸爸不能帶她去公園。同時,他也祈求獲得大家的諒解。

選擇在他的小公主生日這天公告天下,意義非凡。從視頻可看出倪安東眼中泛著淚光,也感覺到他的真誠,很是感動。雖然不算是他的粉絲,卻非常欣賞他的歌喉,因此依然會繼續支持他。想保護心愛的人的想法,並沒有錯;勇敢站出來於丈夫、父親的身份面對大家,實為勇氣可嘉…  想必心智成熟的粉絲,依然會給予支持。在此,祝福倪安東與家人幸福美滿。加油吧, 倪安東!

 Anthony Neely had just uploaded a youtube video few hours ago, making his confession that he has actually gotten married in year 2010 and his wife had given birth to a girl in year 2011.  He hope that via the video, audience can sense his scencerity through his eyes, that he had no wish to deliberately hide the fact that he was married, and now a father. The initial intention to hide the fact that he was married, was out to protect his family, to allow them to lead a normal life and have some privacy.  Yet, he realised, at the same time, he has done some hurt to his family, that he decided to make his confession and seek understanding from his fans / supporters.  He confessed his love for his wife and apologized for always having her to hide behind him, without made known.  He no longer wished  to explain further to his little princess, why he couldn’t bring her to the park and chose to make this confession on his little princess’ birthday.
Oh well, from the video, I can see the Anthonly seems to be fghting hard to hold back his tears and sense his cincerity too, I’m much touched. His decision to put up this video, I believe, isn’t easy at all; much courage is needed.   I sincerely wish him and his family a blissful life.  I’m not really a fan of Anthony but I do love his songs and his voice and will continue to show my support to him.  I believe any sensible fans, will continue to show their support to him.  For, it should be his songs / voice that lead them to support him.  Also his courage to stand up as a husband and as a dad is truly admirable. Gambetta, Anthony!


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