Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pezzo Pizza New Launch: Chicken Rendang and Singa Laksa Pizzas

Imagine local Favourites On A Dough!  In celebration of Singapore's 49th Birthday, Pezzo has infused the classic pizzas with local sensibilities and launches its first-ever Chicken Rendang pizza and Singa Laksa pizza.  The two flavours will be available starting from this National Day onwards and will permanently join Pezzo’s carefully-curated menu of exciting and fun offerings.

Pezzo Chicken Rendang Pizza 

Pezzo Singa Laksa Pizza

The Chicken Rendang pizza is made of oregano chicken chunks with a potpourri of red capsicum, green capsicum and white onion, which is indeed flavourful.  However, it would have taste better should the rendang sauce be more spicier.

The Singa Laksa pizza features a medley of ingredients: crab meat, squid, tuna, prawn and tau pok! Laksa leaves and dried chilli are added to the mix, giving an authentic laksa taste! The freshness of the seafood ingredients certainly add points to the toothsome pizza.

I personally prefer the Singa Laksa pizza to the Chicken Rendang pizza.  While the Chicken Rendang pizza is flavouful, I find it slightly salty to my preference. On the other hand,  I really love the Singa Laksa pizza with the added flavour and aroma that the Laksa leaves brings to the pizza.

Each slice of Chicken Rendang pizza and Singa Laksa pizza goes at S$4.50 and S$4.90 each respectively, while the full pan is S$24.90.  Head down to a Pezzo kiosk and enjoy the national favourite on a pizza!

As part of the media launch, we were invited to enjoy the newly launch Pezzo Chicken Rendang Pizza and Singa Laksa Pizza while cruising along the Singapore River.  We had the luxury to view the scenic skyline, enjoy the blowing breeze while indulging the pizzas.


Do try out these new flavours and shared how you like them.
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