Be Part Of A Record-Bre​aking Moment With M&M’s

Members of the public can demonstrate their love and pride for the country simply by placing a chocolate lentil to form a Singapore flag. They will work hand-in-hand from 28th July to 3rd August to break the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of M&M’S® lentils put together to fashion the Singapore flag.

Open to all from 10am to 10pm, attendees of “Go Red this National Day with M&M’S®” can involve by placing lentils on the wall featuring more than 20,000 gaps to be filled to form the Singapore flag that is 3.5m wide by 2m tall. The flag is scheduled to be completed by 6pm of 3rd August, the second last day of the “Go Red this National Day with M&M’S®” event.


This record-breaking event aims to reinforce a sense of belonging in Singaporeans and get them to be
passionate and proud of their country – in a fun way at M&M’S® know how.  The event will be held at Plaza Singapura main atrium at level one, the main highlight of “Go Red this National Day with M&M’S®” marquee event, comprising booths featuring interactive games, auctions and many more activities, in celebration of Singapore’s 49th birthday.

Those unable to join in the record breaking activity may still head down and have fun at “Go Red this National Day with M&M’S®”,  which has a line-up of activities for both young and old, e.g., ‘live’ auctions where anyone can bid for unique M&M’S® merchandise such as plush toys, sling bags, cushions and watches using M&M’S® wrappers.


For the die-hard M&M’S® fans, they can pit their wits against one another at the trivia quiz
sessions happening during the weekend. Participants at the event can also take home exclusive “Go Red this National Day with M&M’S®” merchandise specially designed for the occasion, e.g., t-shirts & umbrellas, at only $4.90..

And for those who love “we-fies”, should not miss out on candid photo-ops with the iconic M&M’S® mascots and marching band who will be roving the event grounds at various times of the day from Friday the 1st of August to Sunday the 3rd of August.

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Photo Credits: M&M's Singapore


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