Saturday, August 2, 2014

Escape Hunt Experience in Singapore

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Recently went to the "Escape Hunt", another escape game place in Singapore, which is located at Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall. Opened just in May 2014, they are recently ranked the Number 1 attraction in Singapore on TripAdvisor, based on reviews by their satisfied customers.  Escape Hunt has branches in different countries, and they plan to have 20+ branches globally by end of this year.

The place is very well furnised with rather posh and English settings!  Love it to bits!

Each game room is designed by a UK mensa member, who has a Masters in Psychology from Cambridge. The 60-minute escape game are multi-dimensional, non-linear, and with a strong story line where players are required to use their analytical skills as well as mathematical skills to break the clues.  We managed to break the clues just in time, cold sweat!!!

There are total 6 rooms of 3 themes, with a mirror room of each theme.  This allow bigger group of friends/colleagues to compete with each other to see who manage to escape first!  Escape Hunt do not combine groups with each other, the room is exclusively yours even if you just come in a group of 2!  We were very impressed to see rooms within room in the game that we are playing.  We had never expected the place to be that deep and big!  A game master will also be assigned to each game room.

After the game ended, we get to dressed like Sherlock Holmes and have photo-taking with the many props provided.  We all had much fun striking different pose and playing with the different props.

Complimentary tea and biscuits are being served to us after our photo-taking. We are simply spoilt for choices for the tea-bag selection; other than the traditional English tea flavours, there are fusion tea flavours too. We felt like having a tea session after the game, pretty relaxing!

With all above stated, this probably explains why the price is pricier than other similar escape games as Escape Hunts goes for the overall experience and pride itself on customer service.  And I do agree to a certain extend, you pay for what you get.  BTW, it will be cheaper if you come in a bigger group, pricing as below:

2 pax @ $38/pax
3 pax @ $33/pax
4 pax @ $30/pax
5 pax @ $28/pax 

You will be required to make booking in advance, the contact details as below:
Escape Hunt
100 Orchard Road #02-43
Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall
Singapore 238840
Tel: 6100 0828

To keep up with the latest update, visit:
Official Website:
Facebook Page:

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