Lenovo Latest Offerings | Horizon 2 and ThinkPad 10

28th August, 2014 - Lenovo today announced the launch of 2 latest devices to revolutionise the living room and the boardroom – the Lenovo Horizon 2, a two-in-one Windows 8 PC providing multi-touch use at any angle, and the ThinkPad 10, a tablet optimized for business professionals and executives seeking the ultimate in flexibility and mobility.

Horizon 2

The Horizon 2 measures only 19.5mm thick and tips the scales at 7.6kg, is much thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Together with its Aura interface, users can simply shake their Android device while using the new Horizon mobile app, allowing content to “fall” onto the its screen, or “pull” out content onto the PC’s display.

With the Horizon 2’s multi-user capabilities, friends can even pull content from one another, edit photos simultaneously with the its multi-touch screen, and even upload directly to Facebook or another phone. As an added bonus, Horizon 2’s new face tracing feature allows users to upload photos from their camera or smartphone and have the Aura interface try to recognize the faces in the photos.

ThinkPad 10

The ThinkPad 10, built for ultra-mobile professionals is a conveniently portable and durable tablet that offers users a full-fledged PC experience for users in the office, at home or on the move. Featuring Windows 8.1, a high-speed Intel Quad Core processor, brilliant 10" full HD screen and incredibly long battery life, the versatility of the ThinkPad 10 gives users freedom to work, play and create anytime and anywhere.

Pricing and Availability

The Lenovo Horizon 2 will be available for pre-orders from $2399 at COMEX 2014. First 10 customers will receive a free Yoga Tablet 10 HD+.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablet is available now through commercial orders with prices starting from $1249.

All products are available through Lenovo retailers and business partners.


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