Hello from Kaohsiung!

Finally reached Kaohsiung after 10 hours of flight!  Hello from Kaohsiung!  Tired, but am looking forward to Saturday's Della Ding Dang's concert! Thanks Singtel Amped Music, Rock Records Singapore for my very first Trip to Taiwan!

How I wished, I can stay an additional night, to catch Mayday's concert that falls on next day, same at Kaohsiung Aerena.  Nonetheless, will be seeing them soon in coming September F1 GrandPrix opening concert!

經過約10個小時的飛翔時間,終於抵達高雄。在高雄這兒,跟大家問聲好!雖然很累,但非常期待著丁噹星期六的丁噹《真愛好難得》旗艦版演唱會。謝謝 Amped Music 及滾石唱片(新加坡),這可是我第一次踏入寶島!

多希望,我能多逗留一晚,可以順便看看五月天的表演,好可惜⋯  但,幸好,九月便能在F1大賽見到五月天了!



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