Della Ding Dang 《真愛好難得》 Concert Tickets

Woo hoo, got my tickets to tonight Della Ding Dang 《真愛好難得》 Concert and these are VIP seats!  So exited!  First time to Taiwan and it's to Kaohsiung to catch a concert, this is so cool!!!  So many first in this trip!  All thanks to Singtel Amped Music, Rock Records Singapore and B'in Music!

終於拿到丁噹《真愛好難得》旗艦版演唱會的票,座位可是VIP的哦!第一次到台灣高雄來,竟是前來觀看演唱會,真得好不興奮!在此感謝 Singtel Amped Music,滾石唱片(新加坡)及相信音樂!


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