Monday, June 2, 2014

MTV Channel: Dating Series "Ex On The Beach"

Imagine having to face that someone who used to bring you so many sorrows / pains which you had secretly wished, NEVER to see him/her again. Or meeting that someone who used to be so sweet to you, stirring up your emotions. This is what you can expect from "Ex On The Beach" by MTV UK.

(From Left to Right) Chloe Goodman, Marco Alexandre, Emily Gillard, Ashley Cain, 
Vicky Pattison, Liam Lewis, Farah Sattaur and Jack Lomax

Ex On The Beach is a British reality dating series currently showing on MTV UK, featuring eight single guy and gals , moving into a villa along a beautiful Mediterranean beach, in search of a holiday romance. However, their exes, with unique intent, will join them on board, one after another, resulting in unexpected dramas! Do the exes intend to seek revenge or trying to rekindle old flames? To make it worse, some of these exes have dated other exes before! Watch on as more drama unfolds along the way!

Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattison, 25, who take parts in the dating show, will be joined by 7 other gorgeous personality - Chloe Goodman, 20; Farah Sattaur, 28; Emily Gillard, 18; Marco Alexandre, 22; Ashley Cain, 23; Jack Lomax, 22; Liam Lewis, 25.Vicky's ex-fiancé cum co-star, Ricci Guarnaccio; as well as her Australian fling, Dan Conn who was her personal trainer in season 6 of Geordie Shore will be making their appearance as her exes.

Was given the chance to watch the final 2 episodes ahead of the actual tele-casting, and GOSH, it was pretty much like having go through an emotion roller-coaster with many twists! Am also treated to a Pizza Hut's movie box to compliment the preview session.  Love that the pizza, baked rice, as well as the sides, are all conveniently packed in a box! Thanks MTV Asia!

So who will eventually become a pair?  And who will be left behind? Shall not be a spoiler here and reveal so much...  However, expect to see the muscular hunks and the sexy babes in their swimwear by the beautiful beach, and expect the unexpected, with a tangled web of love and loathing.  Do expect some profanity and intimate scenes. The British accents, at times, made it challenging to understand the exact conversation, however, no doubt, it is pretty much entertaining with the scandals, 

Ex on the Beach airs on MTV Channel every Wednesday at 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SIN/HK) and Sunday at 10pm (MAL). Catch these last 2 episodes on 4 June and 11 June 2014 (SIN)!!!

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