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Navy@Vivo 2014: RSS Persistence

The Singapore Navy's landing ship tank (LST) - RSS Persistence will be at VivoCity Promenade from 29 May - 1 June for an openhouse as an initiative of Navy@Vivo 2014! However there is no sale of tickets, and visit are strictly by invitation or balloting.

One of the four LST, RSS Persistence (Warship 209).

I'm very honoured to be invited by the Singapore Navy as a blogger to attend a cocktail event on board RSS Persistence, which is one of the four warships owned by the Singapore Navy.

The Sunset Ceremony, or rather, Ceremonial Sunset is something that should not be missed.  It is a   ceremony that marks the end of a day, where sailors are decked in their full white No.1 uniforms and salute the lowering of the Ensign at sunset.  Even though this is the second time watching the Ceremonial Sunset, I still find it enjoyable.

Marching for the Sunset Ceremony / Ceremonial Sunset.
Folding of the National Flag during the Sunset Ceremony / Ceremonial Sunset.
After the Ceremonial Sunset, Rear Admiral Ng Chee Peng, the Chief of Navy, made an opening speeach and made 3 toasts to all the guests.

The Chief Navy, Rear Admiral Ng Chee Peng making three toasts to the guests

The Chief Navy, Rear Admiral Ng Chee Peng together with the SWANs.

The SWANs (Singapore Women's Auxiliary Naval Service) got a chance to take a group photo with The Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Ng Chee Peng.The Swans is actually part of the Singapore division of the Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve back in the 50s and the 60s and they are the very first batch of Navy girls!

After the cocktail receiption, we were brought around by Captain Chong to tour around the RSS Persistence. Lots of phototaking, selfie and wefie as usual.

Walking down the aisle, you get to see the different flags of various countries.
Captain Chong giving us a briefing on the different functions of the controls
Captain Chong explaining the function of the magnetic compose

Cozy Setting of the Wardroom, or rather, the recreation room.
After the tour, whatever we eaten earlier has been digested, and it's time to try out the Pizza Special by Chief Chef!
The Chief Chef with another Naval Chef presenting their Pizza creation!
The Bak Kwa (BBQ meat) with Bak Hu (meat floss) pizza, simply toothsome! Then crazy ideas came along, and LTC decided to promote for the Navy@Vivo open house on Kaman's hand!  This leads me to proposing an idea for stickers tatoos to be distributed out to the guests in future Navy@Vivo! ^_~

What's LTC Chew Up to?

End Product of LTC Chew's scribbling! Cool promoting ideas, isn't it?
Hand Models - Kaman & Charolotte!
We had a really enjoyable night and thank you Singapore Navy for the invite.

Captain Chong who brings us tour around the RSS Persistence.
Together with Tse Lyn & Damien (Or more commonly known as Uncle Teh Peng), and the Sailor Bear!
(Image Credit: Tse Lyn)
A Wefie with Kaman, Tse Lyn, Michelle & Captiain Chong
(Image Credit: Tse Lyn)

Should you missed the earlier balloting session for tickets on board the RSS Persistence, fret not!  You can head over ro the shore exhbition at VivoCity and try balloting.

Some other fringe activities include:
Meet the Navy divers and get to try on their dive gear.
Phototaking in Navy's uniform at the photo booth.
Giving out of Navy coins at the recruitment booth.
Trying out rope work and get a keychain

29 May - 1 June 2014.
Read about Navy@Vivo 2013 on board of RSS Endurance:

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