Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exit Plan SG (Reality Escape Game) + Giveaway!

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If you are one who is into the puzzle games online or on your mobile, then Exit Plan is an ideal venue for you to try out the escape game in reality.  Playing it real life will be a total experience from playing online.

Meet the team of Exit Plan, with the Chief Exit Planner, John in the center.

If you find John familiar, then you must be as basketball fan as he played for Singapore National Men's Basketball Team.  Otherwise, you may have come across posters of him in major MRT Stations as he is the ambassador for H-Two-O.

Exit Plan creates first-person reality game rooms that originates from the popular escape game concept in Japan. Players can form their own team to challenge the rooms and 50 minutes were given to complete the room to win the challenge.  Each room is unique and will require different expertise from the players in order to complete the room.  The Exit Plan has recently changed to new Game Rooms, namely Friends of Eriden, The Cursed Chamber and Focus Focus.  Game themes are changed once a certain nos. of players have gone through all the games.  The different game rooms can accommodate different team sizes and has different difficulty level.  Read the details here.

You can see all over the walls of the exit room, pictures of all the past participants...

The group of us decided to stay in the same game room - The Cursed Chamber. Before the game begin, the facilitator will give you some briefing on rules of the game as well as where to locate the emergency key to escape for real contingent situations.  Basically, you'll need to enter the game room empty handed, all personal belongings, including your mobile phones are to be kept in the lockers provided.

You may request numerous hints to solve the puzzles, however, to get into the Hall of Fame, you may only request for 1 time hint at maximum.

After the briefing, we entered into the dark room of The Cursed Chamber.  We naively believed, with a team of nine, especially among us, there are a few of them who have tried similar escape games before, we should not have an issue to solve all puzzles within the 50 mins. However, we are totally clueless. 15 minutes passed, and we are still clueless... After discussion, we decided to ask for hint...  Finally, we know where to start from... then we split into smaller groups to work on searching the clues and solving different puzzle of the different locked chests.  However, it is until we asked for the 2nd hint, that we realised the hints are inter-connected and leads one to another another.  After some many trial and errors, we finally get to the last puzzle!!! We are so close to completing the game, just one last step... what a pity... Yes, we did not managed to break through eventually :(

After the session, we took some shots with the props available, the spectacles with the eyes is so comical, each and everyone of us can't help wanting to use it as our props.

We had so much fun, thanks Mapwerkz and Exit Plan for hosting us.

Exit Plan Address:
279 New Bridge Road #03-01 Singapore 088752
Online Booking: http://exitplan.sg/ 
Nearest MRT Stations: Chinatown MRT, Exit A or Outram MRT, Exit F
Buses to Exit Plan: 29, 28 and 17 (Bus stop 9283d / Bus stop 18362)

Off-Peak hours: $15  (Monday – Friday before 5:00PM)
Peak hours: $18  (Monday – Friday after 5:00PM, Saturday and Sunday)
Student (Off-Peak hours only): $12 (Applicable for Primary – University Students)
Children (12 years old and below): $12 (applicable for all days)

My Review
After the game, I'm totally brain-fried. The puzzles were much more challenging than I thought, but after playing the game, you will realised that the puzzles are pretty logical. Many times, you are required to think out of the box.

I would think the Exit Plan is actually a good place for bonding, the group of us, whom most of us met for the first time, interacted more while working together to find the clues, breaking the puzzles and solving the mysteries.  Apart from family and friends, it will be a great place for corporates and couples too.

Couples??? You may wonder, but in Singapore, most couples goes for movies, clubbing or makan (eating) for dating.  Get out of the usual boring dating activities and do something different.  Through the game, one may unwilling reveal the true inner-self which you will get to learn better of his/her true characters.

For corporates, not only it can help promote the teamwork, but the management may have been able to identify, who are the leaders, thinkers and doers among the players.

Giveaway Time!

I'm giving out 3 game vouchers which is open to residents in Singapore only.  The game voucher is valid for 1 player only and applicable for team of 2 & above. 

Giveaway will end 31st May 2014 2359 hours and winner will be picked by 1st June 2014.

How to Win?

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    Seems like a fun and interesting activity~

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  4. An innovative idea to challenge oneself and "live" within the game!!

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