Beats 2014 Launch at One° 15 Marina Club

Attended the Beats 2014 Launch at One° 15 Marina Club recently. 

The main highlight is the Beats Solo HD (S$310)  with robust sound, that comes in beautiful colours of Blue, Light Blue, Mint (Teal), Green, Black, White, Purple, Red and Magenta.  Which color will you pick?  The Magenta is certainly sweet and striking, but I still prefer the blue tones - Blue, Light Blue and Mint (Teal). It's really a tough choice to pick one favorite colour, but I guess my final answer will be Mint (Teal).

(Image Credit: Beats SG)

The Beats Solo HD with adjustable headband and soft leather ear cups, provides great comfortableness even with long hours of listening.  Its folding design allow easy storage and portability, especially great for ladies with small bags / handbags.

  (ImageCredit: Beats SG)
Its built-in microphone and 3-button remote is great when listening music on the phone, one can conveniently receive hands-free phone calls, skip songs and adjust the volume with ease.
Hate the tangled wire of headphones? Enjoy tangle free with the Beats Wireless (S$420), which is  available in Red, White, Black, Blue and Silver. The wireless range extends up to 30 feet away and the headset has a battery life of up to 10-hours when fully charged; it can be easily charged with any USB port. Control buttons to switch tracks and answer phone call are available on the ear cup, providing hassle free music / phone call listening. 

If you love listening music with external disruptions, then Beats Executive (S$490) which deliver clear highs, resonating bass notes and sonically-true midtone with powered noise cancellation is clearly the one for you. Its pivoting speakers that allow 90° rotation provide a comfortable fit. The Beats Executive comes in Black and White Colour.

The Beats Pro comes with washable ear cups, that can rotate, which are perfect for 1 ear listening for studio and performance use. There is built in microphone that allows hand-free phone calls, and skipping songs and adjusting volume with ease.  It also has dual input / output cable ports for music sharing.  The Nicki Pink and Black out retails at S$690 while the Black and White colors retails at S$620.

An improved version of 2013 Beats Pill, Pill 2.0 (S$310) is is now available in Silver, Blue and Nicki Pink in addition to original colours of Red, White and Black. New feature are the ability to amplify or stereo your music with tapping two Pills twice to enable the stereo function; it also allow accessory charging.  Compact yet amazingly powerful, with this, you no now do without the the big bulky traditional speakers.  It is especially great to bring along to a chalet stay for partying!

Needed a stand to hold your Beats Pill 2.0?  Fret not, you can have it cool with Pill Dude (S$80) that comes in Red, Black, White and Pink.  Simply slot your Beats Pill into it's mouth and you are ready to enjoy your music!  Each Pill character comes with different expression.  Look at the Pink One!  Simply cuteness overloaded with the eye lashes!  The designer is sure innovative and creative!  OMG, I would love to have one Pink Pill Dude, looks nice even on standalone. 

Last but not least, thanks Catherine for the invite!


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