Friday, March 14, 2014

[Song of the Day] 별에서 온 그대 《来自星星的你》 K-Drama My Love From the Star OST: My Destiny

Haved you watched "My Love from the Star," a fantasy-romance about a woman's romance with an alien?  When the last episode of this Korean soap opera was aired in February, the craze just swept across the world and everyone's talking about it!

Nope, I have yet watched the series, so please, don't be a spoiler and try telling me the story and ending.  I know millions of fans are now crazed over 김수현 Kim Soo-hyun (金秀贤), and keep comparing him with 이민호 Lee Min-ho (李敏鎬),  whom is one of my favourite Korean Celebrity.  But who knows, after watching the drama, I may become a new fan of Kim Soo-hyun?  However, it is 전지현 Gianna Jun Ji-hyun (全智贤) that I'm more interested to watch, it's been a while since she last acted. 

Anyway, back to topic.  Frankly speaking, it is the OST - My Destiny by 린 Lyn that prompts me into wanting to watch the series, aside from all the discussion around online and in various publications.


With the craze all around the world, we start to see many cover versions around.  And now I going to introduce a few cover versions which I think are simply stunning!

First, is the Cantonese acoustic version by 譚嘉儀 Carrie Tam Kayee and Tam Long Fung from 峰弦峰語.  Some felt that this cover is arguably better than the original, what do you think?


Tam Long Fung also did an instrumental version using the guitar fingerstyle which is equally nice, every pluck, just somehow make my heart plunged further.


There's also nice piano version around, which I find it hard to choose between Pianoheart's and KlafmannKorea's version to feature. Both versions are well played where your heart pumped along with the climax.  Eventually, I decided to feature KlafmannKorea's version due to I personally prefer his music arrangement despite of a lower view count.  When listening to music, it doesn't really matter how popular it is, but rather, how it touches your heart.


There's this Chinese cover version by JY 剪影姐 who write the Chinese lyrics and produce the MV by herself.  She has sang many covers before, but due to the craze for "My Love From the Star", her fame gets into greater heights as this cover has helped to reach out to even more people around the world!


After listening to these few different version, do you mind sharing which version is your favourite? Or, should you think that there are better versions around, feel free to share with me!

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  1. Goosebump raise up when listen to the canto version.