Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray for MH370 Instagram Campaign

As many are aware, the Malaysian Airline flight MH370 is still missing. Families and friends of 239 people on board are left with little hope.  The Singapore Instagram Community @instasg has came up with a campaign to dedicate 03/10/2014, Monday 9 PM, a  post-together session for them.

All you need to do is:

1. Prepare a picture of sky and input text "pray for MH370" or "#prayforMH370". No old post for this campaign.

2. On Monday few minutes before 9 PM, a special tag will be released.  At 9 PM, pls post together with this tag. Take note not to tag OLD POST with this.

3. Once you post, please have a "60 minutes of Instagram silence". This means no likes or comments within 60 minutes after you post it. You may browse as usual but do not like or comments on any posts on Instagram. This is similar to "1 minute of silence" observed in real life, however, this will be 60 minutes on Instagram. Please notify your followers and friends if you need to, so they know there will not be likes or comments from you for the next 60 minutes. We would like to dedicate that for families and friends, as well as the search and rescue forces. Better still if you could even avoid using Instagram for that 60 minutes.

If you are on Instagram too, hope you will join us too.

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