Manhattan 006 Debuts At The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Comes April 1 2014, seafood lovers can look forward to be gastronomically statisfied with the debut of Manhattan 006, an enticing platter comprising six delectable ingredients. The Manhattan 006 will be available in all 16 of The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurants island wide.

Directed, concocted and perfected by chefs of The Manhattan FISH MARKET, the Manhattan 006 (SGD$44.95) swaggers on the dining table and confronts the villainous hunger pangs of every diner with hard-to-resist six varieties of bites.

Revel in shellfish glory when you sink your teeth into the juicy and succulent Leggy Miss Prawn –prawns which are battered to perfection and garnished with temptingly rich and tangy French mustard sauce.

On the other hand, the Saucy Mr Dory promises a sterling taste where fine fillets of dory are grilled in order to seal in the flavor. Herb butter sauce is drizzled atop the grilled dory to add to the flavors.
Next on the list, is Nutty Ms Calamari where diners get enthralled with its taste and crispiness, with a batter coated with nuts and signature flaming sauce for a memorable crunchy performance.

Every enduring show is never without its solid character! The Strong Mussel Man will be another favorite amongst shellfish lovers as they savor mussels tastily dressed in wasabi lime sauce, poised to thrill the taste buds.

Be acquainted with the next character on the sharing platter – the Fearless Mr Rice Balls. Enjoy these carefully-shaped Garlic Herb rice balls with a core deliciously made up of molten cheese.

Finally, the sixth and last character on the sharing platter is the Ever-Popular Spudsies. Cap your platter adventure with a satisfying serving of baby potatoes lovingly covered in coriander lemon sauce.

So, remember to catch the premiere of the Manhattan 006 across all restaurants of The Manhattan FISH MARKET this spring for a truly tantalizing performance!

The Manhattan 006 is available for dine-ins and takeaways.

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The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurants are located at following venues:
• Bedok Point • Bugis+
• Causeway Point
• Century Square
• City Square
• Changi City Point
• JCube
• Junction 8
• Marina Square
• North Point
• Plaza Singapura
• Star Vista
• United Square
• White Sands
• Hougang Mall

Image Credit: The Manhattan FISH MARKET


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