Say Cheese with "Polaroid"

I'm sure most people are familiar with the following product:

"Say Cheese!" is probably the first thing that come across your mind upon seeing this Polaroid instant camera alike gadget!  However, the fact is, the above is not an instant camera! While you may still say cheese to it, it won't produce any instant photo shots, but rather, slices your cheese!

Came across this innovative product when reading through the Chinese newspaper, 《联合晚报》Lian He Wan Bao. This "Say Cheese Instant Slicer" is actually designed by a San Francisco design company, Gamago.  Don't you think it's cool?  And it costs only USD10.00!

Images via Laughing Squid
P/S: As of time of putting up this post, I realised that the product is no longer listed in Gamogo's website.  However, I still share about this product as it is simply too cute, meanwhile, I'm trying to contact Gamago to check on its availability. 


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