Photos of Shane Cao Featured on XINMSN Entertainment

Thanks to Kevin of 海蝶音乐 Ocean Butterflies Singapore, two of my photos of Shane Cao's Rigel Singapore Music Showcase (曹轩宾 <参宿七> 新加坡音乐会) are featured on XINMSN Entertainment.

It is by coincidental chance that I get to know Kevin, and happened that he is in charged of Shane's promotional campaign in Singapore.  I passed him the photos that I've taken of the music showcase as requested, with thoughts that some of these may be used on 海蝶音乐 Ocean Butterflies Singapore Facebook page, and had not check with him, what will be the actual use of those photos.  Never did I expect, these will appear on XINMSN Entertainment.  It is a pleasant surprise for me when I was googling on the web, doing a search on my own name ;P

This is a great motivation for me and I definitely want to polish up my photography skills further for better photos in the future!


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