Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have you flipped over to FLiPTV Asia?

Nowaday, every one's fighting for time, every second counts.  We just wanted to make full use of every second and get hold of the latest music and entertainment scene, fashion and beauty trends, as well as lifestyle trends whenever time allows! 

And this is how the idea of FLiPTV Asia comes about.  It is a pretty new concept in Singapore, an online video magazine showcasing the latest contemporary trends in Fashion, Lifestyle, Ideas and Performance.  Most of the videos are less than 5 mins and hit straight to the points, so you don't waste a single minute to get the information you needed.

P/S: Did you spot me in the video clip above?
The FLiPTV is generally divided into 3 segments, namely, FLiP Style, FLip Living and FLiP Music, hosted by Style Monk - AC Marcus, Ashleigh Martin of SUPERMODELME.tv Season 4, and Sandra Riley Tang of The Sam Willows respectively.
I love the FLiP Style Section hosted by AC Marcus, where I get to pick up a tip or two on from the online makeup video tutorial, as well as interesting topics, like the styles of individual celebraties and what turned them on or off.


But being a music lover, the FLiP Music is definitely my most favourite section where I not only get to learnt about international singers, but also get to discover local hidden gems like, Nathan Hartono.

So now, flip over to FLiPTV Asia and to keep posted on their updates, check out the following:
FLiPTV Official Website: http://fliptv.asia/
FLiPTV Asia Instagram: http://instagram.com/fliptvasia#
FLiPTV Asia Twitter: https://twitter.com/fliptvasia

Here's some photos taken during the FLipTV Launch Party at Tantric Bar.


Image Credit:
FLiPTV Asia (except those watermarked)

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