Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Year in Singapore

Having stayed in Singapore for more than 30 years, I always feel that there is a lacking in the Chinese New Year Celebration.  The only place that you can feel that the Chinese New Year is coming, is none other than Chinatown; but soon after the Chinese New Year Eve, everything will be back to the usual...

During my days in Panasonic Industrial of Asia, I used to visit Chinatown with my colleague at least 2-3 times, to go look see and buy some new year goodies home.  As years goes by, I no longer have much luxury to do the same, but I'll try to at least make a trip over to Chinatown each Chinese New Year period to snap some photos and have a feel of the festival.

This year, I did not really plan for a trip over to Chinatown but happened that I went to Tea Chapter for the Tea Pairing Session so I decided to make use to 1 hour gap to pop by to Chinatown for some snap shots before meeting my friends.  Therefore, there isn't any photos on the lightings, there isn't much on the Chinese New Year goodies as well.  This year my focus will be more on the consumers and the stall owners themselves...

Just to share some photos in case you missed out to visit the Chinatown during this period:
"万马奔腾" Galloping Horses

Food Sampling

100% concentration on the master piece

Chinese New Year shopping rush
"The melon seeds that we are selling is the BEST!"
Forgotten among the crowd

"One more jelly for you?"

"Looks good, can I have some?"
Last but not least, I wish all a prosperous Horse year! 
To see the other photos, you may drop by my facebook photo album.

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