Channel U 《冲锋!》 Scrum! Private Screening

Am invited by Channel U to the private screening of their latest blockbuster, 《冲锋!》 Scrum! at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel on last Thursday.

Had a chance to meet the casts of Scrum! in person, which are eye candies for many, be it for the guys or gals.

 The casts of SCRUM! together with the Host, Jeff (FM93.3 DJ)
The session started with the introduction of the casts and some short interview, followed by Jeffrey Xu singing the theme song of the drama.

The story is about a bunch of passionate polytechnic rugby players who is stuck in a doldrums of failures, ended up always being last in all the competition. They’re known as the hooligans without teeth in the school – the empty vessels. Their only hope back onto the path of victory, will be an experienced coach to lead them.

A champion rugby coach in the B Division boys, Huang Zhao Nan, who is fiery in nature, openly challenged and attacked the referee- during one of the crucial B division rugby matches, resulting in 1 year suspension. She is then invited by the Principal of Greenwood Polytechnic as their interim rugby coach and took on the job just to bid time, with no intention to train the poly players, whom she think, are amateur, and with no will or skills to compete. However, after several eventful encounters, the Black Rhino boys’ sincerity and thirst for success changed her mindset.

At the same time, Li Yong Chun, an over-aged brat who enrolled in the school as a student, started to woo after Zhao Nan, much to her disdain.  Unknown to all, Li is actually an undercover agent to uncover an online illegal gambling syndicate.

Then start the screening of the first episode, which many can't help bursting into laughters throughout, due to the funny and witty conversations of the various casts.  There is many usage of word punning through out, and I'm gonna check out the script writer!

Love the storyline which encourage one to go all the way out to persue his/her dreams and the never say die spirit, for every cloud has its silver lining!  Persevere and you will prevail!

And of course the private screening can't end without having some games and photo taking...

《冲锋!》 Scrum! will debut on Channel U 26th Feb,
 Every Wednesday - Friday, 8:00pm.
Image Credit:
Channel U (Except those watermarked)


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