Channel U Reality TV Series: Find the Wasabi 《Wasabi 新体验》

Upon hearing about Channel U latest variety show, "Find the Wasabi" 《Wasabi 新体验》, my first impression is that, this must be a gameshow where eating wasabi is being involved as the punishment.

Was invited by Channel U to a preview screening of the program at Kuishin Bo, Great World City last Saturday, which is hosted by Y.E.S 93.3FM DJ, Ivy Tan with special appearance by Seraph Sun 孙欣佩.

After watching the preview screening of the first two episode, I realised that I was totally wrong!

The 13-episode joint production by Mediacorp and Japan's Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), "Find the Wasabi" 《Wasabi 新体验》is actually an info-variety reality TV program, featuring 3 celebrities from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The theme song, "Time Will Find A Way", is a collaboration between Japanese band Weaver and the lead of popular Thai Band, Instinct - Palm, who is the representative of Thailand.

Representing Singapore is MediaCorp artiste Seraph Sun, who was discovered through the MediaCorp TV Channel 8 gameshow S.N.A.P., Singer Shae represents Indonesia while Palm, the lead vocalist of the band Instinct, represents Thailand. 

The 3 of them live together as "Wasabi Hunters" in a share-house in Tokyo "Wasabi House" hosted by Tomoe Shinohara (Singer, music producer, designer) and Matthew Ireton (Born in California but raised in Tokyo).

The 3 Wasabi Hunters will compete against each other through various challenges in search of Wasabi, the "secret spice" of Japan.  The secret spice here is actually referring to the the hidden taste of Japan, in terms of Japan's history, culture, food, lifestyle and people.

There can only be one ultimate winner who will be crowned the prestige title of WASABI CHAMPION while loser of each episode's challenge faces the BATSU GAME (penalty game).  So who do you stand in for?

During the preview screening session, Seraph shared the challenges that she faces during the various missions and how she gained more in depth knowledge about Japan and its culture.

The program is somehow refreshing as the audience get to learn a different side of Japan through the various wacky challenges (e.g. food reporting) that the Wasabi Hunters took part in, and battle their way through to claim the final victory! Interwoven throughout the programme, are latest trends on Japan’s fashion, beauty and culture which makes it an entertaining visual travelogue to Japan.

Before the session ends, we are treated to a sumptuous buffet spread at the Kuishin Bo, and each given a goodie bag, much thanks to Channel U and the sponsors!

The program will be aired in several Asian countries, like Japan, Thailand and Indonesia; and will make its debut in Singapore soon!

Stay Tuned to Channel U on 18 February 2014, 8pm to catch 
Find the Wasabi! 《Wasabi 新体验》

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  1. Hi this is Seraph =) It's been such a long time since the private screening, sadly only came across your blog post now. Your photos are really well-taken! Thanks for the wonderful review! Hope you enjoyed "Find The Wasabi"!


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