Channel U: A Date with K-pop Stars 《我和韩星有个约会》

Have you ever wonder where do the K-pop stars frequent, and where is their favourite hang out place or dinning place and hoping a chance to bump into some of them during your trip to Korea?  You'll be able to get the answer from Channel U's upcoming Korea reality travel program, 《我和韩星有个约会》 A Date with K-pop Stars, which is a co-production between MediaCorp and Korea’s CJ E&M. The program will be telecast in both Singapore and Korea.

The program will feature MediaCorp artiste, Julie Tan 陈欣淇, together with various K-pop stars, uncovering the Korean culture, the latest trends in Korean, favourite spots and activities among the Koreans, best shopping places in Korea, etc.

Viewers will also get to witness the real K-pop scene when Julie joins Dal Shabet for their concert’s dance training.

Participating K-pop stars include: Dal Shabet, Rainbow, Teen Top, Hwang Kwang Hee from ZE:A, Moon Hee Joon, Saerom, A-Jax, Clara, Jewelry etc.

Julie Tan with Rainbow and A-Jax

《我和韩星有个约会》A Date with K-pop Stars will first premieres Singapore on Channel U, 21 February, Friday, 9pm. 

There was a private screening of  A Date with K-pop Stars 《我和韩星有个约会》last week by Channel U at Korea Plaza, with Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰 as the host.

Julie Tan with Jeffrey Xu in traditional Korean Costume

For some of those whom just watched the promotional youtube videos alone, already can't help looking forward to waching the actual program, needless to say for those who attended the preview screening.

Thanks to Joanne Chan of Channel U for the special arrangement to get Julie to attend to my below questions:

Qn: Which K-Pop Star left the deepest impression on you? Why? 
Ans: ZE:A Hwang Kwang Hee. I tend to be reserved with K-pop stars because fans can get jealous. However, he told me to open up and be myself. 

Julie Tan with Hwang Kwang Hee from ZE:A

Qn: What is the greatest challenge when filming for the show? 
Ans: Language barrier because I had to speak to the camera in Mandarin, and English to the K-pop stars with a basic Korean.

If you are looking into Touring at Korea, or into K-pop culture, you should not miss out this interesting travelogue program! Remember to stay tune to Channel U on 21 February, 9pm!

Image Credit: Channel U


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