Thursday, December 26, 2013

Shane Cao at Hood Bar and Cafe

15 December 2013, Singapore - Shane Cao (曹轩宾) was earlier in town to promote his new album, 《参宿七》 (shēn xiù qī).

The exclusive showcase was held at Hood Bar & Café at Bugis+. Former contestants of Channel U’s Superband competition - Juno Lin ( 林昭宇) and Jacky Chew (周玮贤) did the opening acts for the showcase and performed their self-composed songs that will be released in their first EP.

Juno Lin sang his newly released single, 《反正是愛》, which was just released on 10th Dec. And Jacky Chew performed 《是我不好》, that will be released on 17th Dec.  Listen to Jacky's song with your eyes closed, you may be mistaken for a moment, that you are listening to JJ Lin JunJie!

Juno and Jacky collaborated to sing Gary Cao's (曹格) 《背叛》 while the audience sang along!
The 2 newcomers got the chance to exchange conversation with Shane Cao, who gladly shared his experience and tips as a producer and composer.

Followed by is Shane's solo performance, where he sang a total of 6 songs.  Among which, is 《魂不吝》, which Shane specially dedicated to his fans, who have been supportive all this while.  Shane still sang 《可惜不是你》, despite the fact that he has been singing this song numerously and is almost getting sick of singing this song repeatedly.  Reason being, this is the song that brought him to everyone’s attention.

While all are having a great time listening to Shane, all good things must come to an end.  Shane ended the session with 《还记得吗》, which was inspired by a true life story of his friend.

If you can't get enough of Shane's music, you can purchase a copy of his new album, 《参宿七》 from all CD-Rama outlets.

To view more photos of Shane at Hood Bar & Café, pls visit my Facebook Photo Album.

曹轩宾日前于新加坡宣传他的个人新专辑《参宿七》 (shēn xiù qī),并于Hood Bar & Café 举办了个人音乐会。

前 U 频道 Superband 参赛者,林昭宇 (Juno) 与周玮贤 (Jacky) 为音乐会掀开序幕,并演绎了他们个人最新发表作品,《反正是愛》及《是我不好》。若闭上眼睛聆听周玮贤的演绎,会有那么一瞬间,你以为自己正在听着 JJ 林俊杰的歌。二人一同演绎了曹格的《背叛》,亦乘机向曹轩宾讨教音乐创作及制作音乐的心得。

歌友会中,曹轩宾演绎了共 6 首歌曲,并以《魂不吝》点献予那些对他不离不弃的粉丝。音乐会最终以《可惜不是你》作结尾; 尽管曹轩宾已尝过无数次,也开始感觉腻了,但,他仍抵不过大家的请求。毕竟,《可惜不是你》这首歌开启了他辗转为歌手的道路。

若还听不够曹轩宾的演绎,你可在各个 CD-Rama 购买他的新专辑《参宿七》。


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