Tuesday, December 3, 2013

McDonald's Kampung Burger Back in Town!!!

Wow!  McDonald's Kampung Burger has made its return after a wholesome of approximately 20 years, with a slogon - Share the Kampung Spirit.

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

I vaguely remember ever tried the old style Kampung Burger before, which is during my poly days, and we were pretty upset when it is no longer available.  The old style Kampung Burger is made with farm fresh lettuce, cheese, a patty of chicken sausage and a tangy slice of chicken, topped by a slice of pineapple ring, all packed between two old-fashioned toasted muffins

And now it returns with twist, using crispy chicken fillet with tangy salsa sauce. And there is new Kampung BBQ drumlets offered along, under the same promotion campaign!  Lucky sis, CF, was invited to McDonald's Kampung Burger Party, and these looks yummy!!! Oh Gosh!!!

Image Credit: CF Chai
Tempted?  The Kampung Burger will be available in McDonald's Singapore starting from 5th December 2013, which is 2 days from now!!!

The Kampung Burger Special set (S$7.40) comes with a Kampung Burger, a Tropical Tango McFizz and a large French Fries. The Kampung BBQ Drumlets comes in 2-pc pack (S$2.00) and 10-pc pack (S$9.50).

BTW, are you aware that the McDonaldLand Characters Plushie will be available at $2.90 each with any purchase from now onwards?  While stocks last! OMG, I wanted the full set...

Hamburglar: 28 Nov - 4 Dec 2013
Birdie: 5 Dec - 11 Dec 2013
Grimace: 12 Dec 2013  - 18 Dec 2013
Ronald McDonald:  19 Dec 2013 to  25 Dec 2013
Officer Big Mac: 26 Dec 2013 to 31 Dec 2013

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Updated 12/06/2013:
Just tried the Kampung BBQ drumlets yesterday for a quick bite and it tasted pretty much like the familiar Sweet 'n' Spicy drumlets that Pizza Hut offers!  But I think I prefer these better.  Can't wait to try the Kampung Burger.


  1. I didn't realise how cute the Hamburglar plushie until it is too late... :( I wonder if they have extra stocks island-wide? Anyway the drumlets looks good!!! I feel like chomping it now. How does it taste like? Does it taste like Pizza Hut's spicy drumlets?

    1. Hi, I just tried the BBQ drumlets yesterday, they do taste pretty much like Pizza Hut's spicy drumlets, and I like these BBQ drumlets better. Do give it a try since it's only available for a limited period only.