Thursday, December 5, 2013

Love from Korea - Skincare Samples

DearYanti & PG, thanks for the load of Skincare samples from Korea; felt much loved.  While, I don't really put on makeup.  I do use skincare products especially since I've already stepped into the 30s. 

BTW, did you spot G-Dragon from BigBang on the Mask Packaging?  He's the ambassdor of the SAEM shop which is why the SAEM shop is giving out promotional items with his potrait! I bet the G-Dragon & BigBang fans gonna get crazy over this and must have burst their budgets in the SAEM shops?

Although these are samples only, I really appreciate much. In fact, these 2 sweeties also helped me purchase some other skincare and beauty products! But will reveal later as I'm planning to do some personal review. Do look forward to that! ^_~

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