Monday, December 23, 2013

Domino's Bloggers Appreciation Night 2013

Attended the very first Domino's Pizza event.  Sound ironical that I attended the appreciation Night when I had not attended to their previous food tasting sessions.

Happened that most of the time I just can't my schedule but this round I can make it, so I just thought of trying my luck to register and support my fellow blogger friends who have won the prizes of the inter-blogging contest by Domino's Pizza.  Anyway, sis, CF actually attended Domino's event before so I'm turning up "in place" of her, muahaha, I know, this reason is simply lame...

The event was held at the SCAPE* Studio and the room was filled with Blue, Red and White balloons which simply makes one think of the Domino's Pizza.  It was a great session meeting some old friends and making some new friends as well.

We had a great feast of the Domino's Pizza and other finger foods as well.  We are simply spoilt for choices!!!

We actually managed to taste 4 types of Pizzas.  Too bad, I did not get to try the Hawaiian Pizza which is highly recommended by all.  But still there is a lot to feast and I get to try their new Cheese Crust.  It is certainly fulfilling with the cheese, yet not over-whelming.

Pizzas from Top Left Clockwise: The Classified Chicken, The Big BBQ Pizza, 
The Chicken Temptations and The Prawn Sensation.

The Onion rings taste superb, I just find it very different from what I ate elsewhere, it is only upon looking at the brochure, that I realise it is Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, no wonder...

The Crazy Chicken Crunchies taste slightly spicy, shiok! But to Malcolm & Don, these are a bit spicy for their taste bud!  But still, I see Don keep popping these into his mouth, lol!

Roasted drumlets will never go wrong, these golden roasted drummets are gone before you know it!

And finally come the long waited Chocolate Lava Cake which everyone is raving about it!!!  I finally got to taste it and now I do understand why everyone loves it!  You gotta try it yourself! All you need to do is place your order through a few clicks at

The cameraman went around shooting candid shots of us savouring the food; cheeky Don tried to act funny with his piece of Pizza, muahaha! Poor Dawn sitting beside Don, is trying very hard to contain her laughter.

Of course the Appreciation Night is not all about feasting but also giving out the prizes for the inter-blogging contest. And the Winner is none other than Only William!  This is the 3rd time he won the prize, but from what I see, he truly deserve it as he has seriously put in much effort.  

Congrats to Malcolm, Damien (Uncle TehPeng), Dawn and Chloe who also won the consolation prizes.

Of course, these shall not be all.  After all the makan and prize giving, it's time for photo session with fellow bloggers before we end the night!
Photo with Chloe, such a sweet gal! (My eyes looked shut, aiya... spoil the photo)

Photo with Tse Lyn.

Clockwise: Photo with Tse Lyn, William, Dawn, Don, and Malcolm.

Clockwise: Group Photo with Don, Dawn's BF, Dawn, Valentine, William, Malcolm, Tse Lyn & Sweetie Evalee.

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