Monday, November 25, 2013

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 - My Choice Earpiece

I owned several earpieces, among which, the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 best fit my required criteria as a great earpiece.  The wireless bluetooth earbuds connects with my smart devices with a breeze, be it smart phone or tablets.  Love that it comes with inline controller and microphone so I can switch between calls and music listening easily.
 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-connectedtoiPhone.jpg

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-connectedtoiPadmini.jpg
Per charge last for a good whole of approx 4 - 4.5 hours long, which is good lasting duration.  Especially since I travel to and fro Singapore and Johor for work pretty often.  One way trip is approx 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on traffic condition, so a full charge is good enough to last me for the round trip.  I can enjoy music or movies without disturbing the rest of the mates who are trying to make full use of the 1 hour+ of travelling time to catch some sleep.

 photo OnTheCar.jpg

Love its compactness, as it can be conveniently keep in the charging case.  The fully charged case allows up to 14.5 hours of listening time, in any case, should you missed out to charge the earbuds, all you need is 20 minutes quick charge through the charging case, and you will get an hour of listening time.

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-Charging.jpg
Best of all, it is sweat proof and water-resistant, no more worries about sweat stained earpiece, or worry that it may get spoiled after an accidental spill of drinks on it!  But mind you, water-resistant does not mean it's waterproof, so do not try to swim in water with your earbuds!  ((+_+))

As all are aware, the public transport is getting more & more crowded during the peak hours with the growing population...  Many times, my wired earbuds got hooked on someone's bag / accessories and got pulled off. There was once I was wearing dangling earrings when the earbuds got pulled out and hooked against my earrings, the pain just can't be described in words.  Worse is when you are charging the smart phone and you will need to hold on the charger with the smart phone and trying to balance yourself without any hand stand to support, and run the risk of being knocked against and dropped these precious devices.  So I love the BackBeat Go 2 for being tangle-free and fuss free.

 photo At_MRT_station.jpg

No radio tuning in the office, but needed some music terribly to lift up your spirits?  The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is your saviour!  Let down your long hair and camouflage your earbuds, and no one will go notice that you are listening to the radio...

 photo IntheOffice_1.jpg
Shhhhh.... Don't let the cat out of the bag.  But luckily, my office does allow me to tune in the radio as long as the volume is kept low...  This is just a tip for the less lucky ones...  heheheee...

 photo IntheOffice_2.jpg

Out late at night and walking your way home as no more feeder bus service available? Always get engrossed when listening to music?  Beware of falling into prey of the baddies.  Love that these wireless earbuds can hide well underneath my long hair and I can continue to listen to my music without being preyed so easily as it isn't obvious at all that I'm totally immersed in music!

Now that you know why the Platronic BackBeat Go 2 is my choice earpiece, do you want a pair as well?  Grab your chance to win a pair of BackBeat Go 2 just by answering 2 simple questions at here.  Good Luck to those participating!


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