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Navy@Vivo 2013: RSS Endurance Exclusive Tour - I

The RSS Endurance or Warship 207, has docked the VivoCity Promenade for the Navy @ Vivo event and is opened to the public for visit from 14 to 17 November 2013, which is on balloting and has ended 11/08. Fast Craft Utility (FCU) rides are also available daily for ticket holders starting from 10.00am to 1.30pm, except 15 Nov, when rides are unavailable during the 11.00am and 11.30am time slots.  It will be sailing off on 18 November 10.00am, so you can still catch a last glimpse of it if you have not done so...

The RSS Endurance was the first Singapore Republic of Singapore (RSN) Endurance-class Landing Ship Tank (LST), deployed to the Gulf. It is of 141 meters long, wide as half a football field, and depth of eight-storey high.  Usually manned by a crew of approximately 81 Navy men and women, the LST's carry capacity may be augmented to suit to include other support functions like, logistics specialists and medical personnel for different operations.

In addition, there is a Singapore Navy Shore exhibition at the Southeast Boulevard of VivoCity to showcase the RSN’s missions and operations. Visitors to the showcase not only get to win great memorabilia like the sticky candies and limited edition Navy figurine keychains, as well as tickets to the Navy@Vivo.

A group of us, have been invited Navy@Vivo Preview Event and get a chance to take a tour around the RSS Endurance and its kitchen area (Galley).
Photo Credit: Thomas Chan
It was an eye opener for me to get on the RSS Endurance, get to see the facilities on board and picked up a few interesting Navy Terminologies - 'Heads' as the washroom, 'Galley' as the Kitchen.

There is gym on the RSS Endurance for the Navy crew for them to work out.

Precaution has been made to minimise accidents.

At the Helo Control Room, where the controller controls the take out and landing of the Super Puma Helicopter.

Together with the Pilot of this Super Puma Helicopter, LTA Kaiser.  Cute guy isn't he?

The Bridge area (operation room), where all the main control panal, compasses, navigation and survillence tools, etc can be found. I'm very amused by all these stuff!

It was also a wonderful experience to be able to view the the significant Sunset Ceremony live!



I couldn't make it in time for the Kitchen Tour, but thanks to Kee Onn, he managed to make arrangement for me to go for the tour at a later timing and I even got to chat with some of the Naval Chefs. The tour at the Galley is very interesting as the design and layout of the equipment has been carefully planned for, taking note on minimising accidents and injuries during rough sea condition and in other emergencies cases.

The ingredients were put in this deep rectangular frying pan for frying which can avoid ingredients from spilling out during vigorous sea condition and well-covered when not in use.

The railing is inward so as to avoid causing injury should anyone accidentally bumped towards the cabinet during rough sea conditions, and the height is just nice to hold back the metals trays, avoiding them to fall off.

The water broiler is usually half filled only for precaution purpose, in case of choppy sea condition.

Sensors were installed so that water sprinkler will be triggered upon fire emergency. If you notice carefully, the metal poles on stove top is to hold metal plates to protect the cooking utensils from falling off.

We had the honour to have a short conversation exchange with The Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Ng Chee Peng and took a group photo with him.
Photo Credit: Thomas Chan
We also took a picture together with LTC Chew, ME-2 Wisely Tay & Kee Onn before we end the session.

Photo Credit: Thomas Chan

Hong Peng, Michelle and I went back on Saturday to take the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) ride. We also got the chance to visit some of the facilities which we did not manage to catch a glimpse previously.
The lounge area

The training room for smaller group discussion with a cozy library corner.

The sleeping Bunk.
Bumped into Chef Jagen  (ME-2) and he is wearing his Navy uniform instead of Chef Uniform, a totally different look!

We finally got to the FCU area and there's loads of visitors queuing for the FCU ride!

It was a fantastic ride out to the costal area and we truely enjoyed ourselves.  Last but not least, thanks Singapore Navy for inviting to the Navy@Vivo Preview Event.

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Navy@Vivo 14-17 Nov 2013

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