Saturday, November 23, 2013

Life's about Making Choices

Life's about making choices...

First thing in the morning, you can choose to be happy, or choose to be grumpy, whichever you decided on, shall affect your whole day's mood... Same things goes to choosing your head set, whichever headset you have chosen, shall determine your entertainment experience.

It is always a headache to look for that "PERFECT" headset, as there doesn't seem one that fits all the determining factor when making the purchase...  So when choosing my headset, I'll go for the one that fits most of my criteria.
- Good Sound quality with crystal clear sound and good bass;
- Comfortable earbuds, this is very important as uncomfortable earbuds cause me bad headaches;
- Tangle free, hated to untangle those long wired earpieces;
- Pocket Friendly, money doesn't come easy, every dollars and cents are hard earned money;
- For bluetooth headset, I will need it with good lasting duration so that I do not have my music or calls cut half way due to battery died down on me out of a sudden.

 photo headsets.gif

Black or White?  What is your choice?
For some, colours doesn't matter, as long as the device functions well, and is able to deliver. However, for some, colours does matter as it will affect the mood.  For you, which colour will you pick?  To me, black is classic and never goes wrong, it goes well with any attire and accessories.  As for white, it goes well with any colours too, and is considered more chic and trendy, however it is harder to maintain since white get dirty more easily.  This is also why I am agreeable to exchange my white earbuds with Celine who wanted the white earbuds badly.  Not that I do not hesitate about the exchange, but if the exchange can make 1 more person happier, why not?  It's all about choices...

But if you ever get to choose any colours of your own, what will be your choice?  Comment here, and maybe the Plantronics folk will consider adding in the new colour varieties in the 3rd generation.

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2BoxSets.jpg

Read on to why I choose Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 as my choice earpiece...

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