Friday, November 8, 2013

Food Review: Bear Bites Singapore 熊の食 at SCAPE

Updated 15/03/2014: Bear Bites @ Scape is no longer in operation, & new outlet in Bugis Junction

Lately, have you noticed pictures of cute Bear Paw Burgers are sprawling on Instagram and Facebook? 

These Bear Paw Burgers that originate from Fengjia night market( 逢甲夜市) in Taiwan, is NOW available in Singapore, right in the heart of Orchard Road at *SCAPE!

Bear Bites 熊の食was founded by Mr Avery in year 2010, whom got his inspiration during his holiday in Japan. The Bear Paw Burger is a fusion of East meets West, where the Chinese steamed bun meets the western burger fillings.

Head down to *SCAPE and indulge your meal in Alfresco style.  It is a great chill out venue where you get to enjoy a cozy & relaxed meal with your family/ friends. But it may be a concern should it rains as there isn't any proper shelter available.


Order your customized Bear Bites 熊の食 Bear Paw Burger in 3 simple steps:

Step# 1: Choose the meat filling
Karaage Crispy Chicken (S$4.80) / Oishi Fish Fillet (S$5.80)

Step# 2: Choose the Bun
Oat / Yam / Curry / Original Milk / Brown Sugar / Squid Ink / Strawberry (seasonal) 

Step# 3: Choose a Sauce
Tartar Sauce / Golden Cheese / Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce / Mushroom Sauce / Honey Mustard / Black Pepper Sauce

From Top left (clockwise): Tartar Sauce, Golden Cheese & Sweet & Spicy Thai Sauce

 From Top left (clockwise): Mushroom Sauce, Honey Mustard & Black Pepper Sauce
Ala carte burger starts from $4.80 and set meals comprising of a karaage crispy chicken/ Oishi Fish Fillet with steamed bun + fries + bottled drinks are available with a starting price of S$7.80.
Add $1 to upgrade your normal fries to cheese fries, which is highly recommended!!! The cheese fries are simply superb, we just can’t help but keep munching on the cheese fries!!!

The Bear Paw Burger are freshly prepared upon order placement, so it may take approx 10-15mins for preparation.  One thing to highlight, the buns are freshly imported from Taiwan so you need not worry about variance in taste from those in Taiwan. 

Do note that the Strawberry Bun is seasonal and currently the Squid Ink Bun is a total sell out and is out of stock due to popular demand.

I tried the Oishi Fish Fillet burger, the fillet portion is really generous!!! I picked the brown sugar bun for its subtle sweetness. Love the soft fluffy steam bun, actually it taste just as good even by itself. I hope to try out the seasonal strawberry bun soon ;P The fish fillet is crunchy on the outer, however it might be a little too dry for my preference. Apparently, the Karaage Crispy Chicken Burger seems to be a better choice, the next time I go, I'm gonna check it out.

(My Oishi Fish Fillet Burger meal set, sorry for the messy background ;P)

Complete your meal with a dessert! 
You can get a Bear Paw Gelato where you choose the flavor of the bun, similar to that when ordering for the Bear Paw Burger and the pick the Gelato flavor among Chocolate, Green Tea & Salted Biscuit.  I’ve tried both Salted Biscuit & Green Tea, the taste is simply heavenly for both! Personally, I like the Salted Biscuit BEST!

Bear Paw Gelato 冰淇淋熊掌包
I love the creativity in Bear Bites, converting a traditional chinese steamed bun to such a kawaii bear paw designed bun. Love their catchy tag line “谁说鱼(fish)与熊掌(bear paw)不可兼得?”, diverted from a Chinese Idiom, which literally means, "Who says you can't have the best of both world (fish & bear paw)?", which in this case, it's POSSIBLE with the combination of Bear Paw steamed bun and the Oishi Fish Fillet!

Check out popular Singapore food show, 超級小吃贊3 Snack Attack 3 where Bear Bites Singapore 熊の食 got featured!

Head down to Bear Bites now and try out these beary cute Bear Paw Burgers! 
Take part in their Instagram Contest and stand to win a Bear Bite Party for 6 pax! 
Contest will end by 20th November 2013. 
Quick!!! Grab your chance!

Bear Bites 熊の食

2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE (Outdoor Kiosk),
Singapore 237978

Operating Hours:
10:30 - 22:30 (Mon - Sat)
12:00 - 22:30 (Sun)
 200 Victoria Street,
#B1-K7 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Operating Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 Daily

To get updates of Bear Bite’s latest offerings & promotion, visit:
Bear Bites Facebook Page:
Bear Bites Instagram: https://www.instagram/BearBitesSingapore
Bear Bites Twitter: https//

P/S: Bear Bites @ Scape has ceased operation since 2014

相信曾到过台湾逢甲夜市的游客,对以上这句话并不陌生。对了,这就是台湾小吃,熊の食之熊手包 (熊掌包) 的標語!實際上在熊の食, 魚(柳)與熊掌(包),都可兼得!这个中西合并的汉堡概念非常新颖,基本上是以印上熊掌的刈包皮,配上汉堡的配料。

一個個可愛的熊手包(熊掌包),令人難以抗拒!你是否知道 熊の食 熊手包(熊掌包)已登陸新加坡烏節路*SCAPE,並引起頗大的迴響!


#1. 選擇主菜:
卡拉炸雞排 (S$4.80) / 魚排 (S$5.80)

#2. 選擇熊手包外皮口味:
牛奶 / 黑糖 / 芋頭 / 咖哩 / 全麥 / 草莓(季節性)/ 墨魚 (共七種口味)

#3. 選擇搭配醬汁:
蘑菇醬 / 特調泰極醬 / 黑胡椒醬 / 塔塔醬 / 蜂蜜芥末醬 / 黃金乳酪醬 (共六種醬汁)

汉堡可以单独购买,或以套餐方式购买 -  汉堡+薯条+饮料 (价格从S$7.80起)。外添加一元,即可將薯條升級為芝士薯條!這芝士薯條可真是令人齒頰留香…

除了中式漢堡,你亦可在熊の食找到可愛的冰淇淋熊掌包 。点餐方式形同点汉堡方式,選擇熊手包外皮口味后再選擇其冰淇淋口味:鹽漬焦糖 / 綠茶 / 巧克力(共三種口味)。最愛的是鹽漬焦糖口味的冰淇淋!


  1. This is awesome! I wish someone will brought this franchise here in our country. The idea is so cool, especially the bear paw bun. Very unique.

  2. So creative! Love the bear paw bun and gelato:) Good photos too!