Thursday, October 31, 2013

WeChat Celebrates Halloween with Halloween and Mr. Egg stickers

Halloween is coming and it wouldn’t be complete without a fancy dress party – even the WeChat Bubbles are getting into the ‘spirit’ of it!
Is that Frankenstein himself?!
No, don’t worry, it’s just the White Bubble in his spookiest disguise yet!

All the best Halloween parties have a ghost…

And just when you think it wasn’t possible to eat too much candy, seems the little Green Bubble got too many ‘treats’ and not enough ‘tricks’!

Meet your new friend Mr. Egg!And it’s time to meet your new friend Mr. Egg!
Here’s Mr. Egg! Everyone needs friend like him, who…

…pulls you together when you are cracking up...
…keeps you going when things boil over...
…and enjoys the sunny side when you are happy...
Once you get to know him, he will roll anywhere with you!
Steps to meet your new friends on WeChat:

For further details please visit:

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