Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mezzotono at the International A Cappella Festival Singapore 2013

Have you heard of International A Cappella Festival?  It's into its 6th year now!  Frankly speaking, prior to this, I'm totally unaware. And I never knew that in Singapore, there existed "The A Cappella Society".  It happened that Mediacorp's MeClub had some tickets to some of the performance available for its reward redemption , that I learnt about this.

Friends who know me, is well aware of my love for music, and I'm opened to all sorts of music; except that, I'm not a big fan of heavy metal rock music & house music. I personally love Jazz & A Cappella pretty much so I'm very excited about attending to some of these concerts of the International A Cappella Festival.

In case you are interested, the other line up for the International A Capella Festival 2013 is as below:

Today, I attended the concert by Mezzotono from Italy.  This is the 1st concert for the International A Cappella Festival Singapore 2013. The group of 5 has put up a great performance within the 75 minutes.  To break the ice, they even learned to greet all in Mandarin & Malay...

At times, I'm clueless about what's the song about, but sometimes, their facial expression tells the story... Frankly speaking, to me, in the world of music, language is definitely not a barrier... As music itself is the universal language that connects everyone from different countries and of different ethics!

During the session, they sang a couple of familiar songs like Mambo Italiano, Quando Quando Quando, and Manà Manà. I love how they incorporate beat box or even "scratching" into their performance.  Most times, we tend to associate A Capella with the more sentimental songs, however, they actually managed to rearrange a wide array of songs from mambo to tango, from big band style to classical genres, and even pop into A Cappella Style.

You can check out my one and only InstaVideo here: http://ins​​/p/fID1OLq​4n-/

Their performance is simply lively and enjoyable.  Many times, humour has been injected into the performance by means of comical act and facial expressions,  resulting in audience bursting into laughter while enjoying their great vocal!

They truly display the passionate characteristics of typical Italian and, throughout the performance, they actively engage the audience to clap their hands for the tempo and, to sing "Mana Mana (馬吶 馬吶)when signalled by Fabio...

At the end of the session, there is also sale of their albums at SGD$20 where you can get their autograph too.  It is a pity that I did not bring enough cash with me, urghhh... I'm just short of SGD$1.60 :( So, may I remind those that catching other sessions of the International A Cappella Festival, pls bring more cash with you in case you are interested to buy the CDs of the performers as payment is strictly by cash only.

Had a lovely Sunday night enjoying the great performance by Mezzotono.  Hope you had a great weekend too? Nitez...

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