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Food Review: Triple-O's at Orchard Toward, Singapore

Never am I aware of the existance of this Canadian Burger Chain piror to this food tasting session.  Triple O was founded in 1928 by Nat Bailey, which is much earlier than McDonald’s, that started out in 1940 only!!!

To my surprise, Triple-O's by White Spot at Orchard Tower is actually their third outlet in Singapore!
Expect to wait for approximately 6mins for your burgers to be served as these are freshly made upon order placement. The extra few minutes wait is definitely worthwhile to have freshly prepared meal served.

We started the session with some fingers foods - Sweet Potato Fries (S$2.90), Onion Rings (S$2.90) and the Chicken Strips ($8.90).
It is uncommon to have sweet potato fries served in fast food restaurant, which is a pleasant surprise.  However, it is sort of disappointing that the sweet potato fries soon turn soggy, as much as I wanted it to be crispy badly. The onion rings are not too bad, however, among the three, I love the chicken strips BEST!  As compared to many other fastfood restaurants and even cafe, the chicken strip are full strips of chicken meat than overly battered with flour, is savoury and stayed cripsy throughout.
The mushroom soup is nothing to wow about, while you get to nibble on bits of the mushroom, I prefer to have bigger chunks of the mushroom and also, for the soup to be less savoury.  It is just too salty for my personal preference.
The Egg Benedict is somewhat different from elsewhere served, the poached egg is no where to be found, but rather, the egg is found at the center of the brioche which a numbers of us are just so amused by it. The homemade hollandaise sauce is yummylicious and everyone enjoyed the egg benedict!  Somehow, there is a lack of consistency in the bacons, some are obviously slightly burnt.
Triple-O's is specialised in beef burgers, and their most sought after burgers are their bacon & cheese burger  (S$12.90, comes with fries and soda), and mushroom burger  (S$12.90, comes with fries and soda). I personally am not a beef lover, so I opted out of bacon cheese burger. Accordingly to those who tried it, the beef is real tender and juicy and there are full of "wows" for it.

Fret not for the non-beef lovers / eaters, they have many more other burgers options available, of which, their deep-sea ling cod fish burger (S$13.90, comes with fries and soda), is another sought after burger.

They are generous with the serving of the cod fish fillet, the portion is simply fulfilling.  The cod fish fillet is very crispy yet retaining the juiceiness but I would love it with slightly more sauce while some may like it as it is, with added zesty taste from the squeezed lemon slices. I don't mind going with the lemon juice, but simply feels that something is missing... The kitchen staff seems to be in a cheeky mood that day and draw a saddy face on the lemon slice served along with my cod fish burger, everyone is saying, "So cute!!!"

We also tried out the poutine, this is my first time trying out fries served with cheese and gravy! I'm an abosolute potato lover but I stopped after a few pieces; while the poutine is quite tasty, I find it too salty for my tastebud.

End your meal with something sweet, for instance their classic milkshakes. I tried the strawberry milkshake, deceivingly the pastel colour seems to imply a bland milkshake.  However, it is actually very delightful with a sweet aroma of the strawberry.  This is something to die for, but will not recommended for large serving cup as one can get surfeit after a while as the milkshake is REALLY thick!

Else, you can end it with a scoop of ice-cream, there is actually nothing to bravo about the available ice-cream flavours,  the blueberry ice-cream just seems to be blueberry sauce served on top of the vanilla ice-cream.  I'm not a big fan of vanilla ice-cream, but surprisingly the vanilla ice-cream has a sweet aroma that lingers around.

As the orchard tower outlet which had more space, they actually have a Felix's Corner where their French chef can whip up some French delicacies for those who wanted something different.

The the orchard tower outlet operates till wee hours during the weekends and this may be of good new to those who went clubbing or party in town area till late night and find it such a pain to hunt for a makan place where they can beat their hunger pangs.

BTW, for the health-conscious one, you can watch out your calories intake at Triple-O's by checking out this nutrition fact sheet provided by Triple-O's!

Last but not least, thanks Dennis for the invite!

Triple-O's by White Spot
400 Orchard Road #01-29C
Singapore 238875
Tel:  67350002

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11:30-23:30
Thu-Sat: 11:30-02:00
Sun    : 11:30-23:30

Other Triple-O's Singapore Outlets:

Asia Square:
8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1 #02-14
Singapore 018960

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 08:30-21:00
Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holiday

Buona Vista:
1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista Mall #01-22
Singapore 138617

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:00-21:30

For more information, pls visit:

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