Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Singapore Couple Shamed for Damaging Hello Kitty Themed Hotel Room

A Singapore couple has hit the Taiwan headlines - for all the wrong reasons!

The couple allegedly caused damages amounting to at least NT$30,000 (SGD$1,300) during their stay at in a Hello Kitty themed family-owned bed-and-breakfast in Taipei earlier this year in June.

Accordingly to the owner of the bed-and-breakfast, Mr Wang, the couple had turned up a day earlier than expected and checked in without his consent and the couple did not stay for the agreed period after checking into the bed-and-breakfast earlier.

The pair had also reportedly left the water tap in the toilet running, and turned on the air-conditioning in the room at 16 degrees celcius for two days straight which caused ice to form on the interior of the air-conditioner and the compressor to crack, leading to irreparable damages to the unit and high utility bills.

The couple had also refused to pay for their stay and even threatened to not return the room key, according to the report on Taiwan's CTI TV.

Items were also reported stolen from the Hello Kitty-themed room, which was decorated with various Hello Kitty merchandise.

Just Some Thoughts:
It is nothing new of ugly Singaporean behaviour being heard / seen of, during trips to overseas, e.g. littering, complaining for the slightest issue.  There was once, where the local guide, upon knowing there there were Singaporeans on board the land tour, specifically requested of the Singaporean tourists, should there be anything not of satisfactory to them, to go direct to the local guide first to sought for solution, instead of complaining directly to the tour agency.  I was thinking "OMG" in my heart upon hearing this. 

If what is being reported, I think it's too much!  Apart from the stealing, one shouldn't waste electricity and water just simply because these are not being separately billed.  But I wonder why the couple behave this way, it will be better if they can show face and tell their side of story before everyone made judgement just based on the video clip.

(Video Credit: CTI TV Via China Times)


据台湾《中天新聞》报道,一对新加坡情侣原定在6月7日到11日间入住一个以Hello Kitty为主体的民宿。结果,他们不仅提前一天入住,隔一天便吵著要退房退租金,甚至不願意退還鑰匙。事後发现,房间的冷气被调到摄氏16度,并把冷气的强度调至最大,连续开了两天,冷气机的滤网都结冻,无法修理;同时,浴室水龙头的水也开着,连续流了两天,房间里的一些凱蒂貓 (Hello Kitty)周边商品也不翼而飞,估计损失约为3万元台币。(约1282新元)。現在房東懷疑是這對情侶動手腳,­已經提告竊盜和侵占。



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