Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Song of The Day] Ma Que Xian Zhu Zhi 麻雀衔竹枝

Yay, MDA finally lifted the ban on "Ma Que Xian Zhu Zhi" (麻雀衔竹枝) on 08/01/2013, after a good whole 23 years of banning!!! Just because of this song consist of some verse of a cantonese nursery rhyme, majority of the public has missed this great song by Dr. Liang Wern Fook (Liang Wenfu).  This song can finally be aired on local radio stations! 
经过23年后,媒体发展管理局终于解除禁令!梁文福博士作词填曲的“麻雀衔竹枝” , 终于于8月1日解禁了,可以在本地各电台亮相了!当年梁文福博士写这首歌时加入了一段父亲经常吟唱给他听的一段广东童谣,却因此遭禁播, 让许多人错过了这一首好歌。


And now, the casts of the "That Girl in Pinafore" had done a cover version of the song as one of the soundtrack, which gave a different zest from the original song by Dr. Liang Wern Fook (Liang Wenfu).
如今,“麻雀衔竹枝” 由 参与电影, “我的朋友家,我的同学我爱过的一切” 的演员:陈世维,陈欣淇,胡佳琪,胡佳嬑,黄艺萱,文兆保,邱锋泽,余珈庆,等人重新演绎,并收录于"我的朋友家,我的同学我爱过的一切"  电影原声带;别有另一番风味。 

After listening to both versions, which one do you prefer?  I personally like  Dr. Liang Wern Fook's version more.  After all, he is the composer, he will be able to deliver the song better.  Feels so good that now I get to listen this song through radio, unlike the past, only via CDs only.

相比两个版本,你比较喜欢哪个版本呢?我个人还是对梁文福博士的版本较有感觉,毕竟此歌出自他笔,诉说着自己的情怀,必然更能诠释歌中的意境。很高兴如今不再只能透过CDs 听这首歌,而能透过电台播映。

Lyrics extracted from / 歌词取摘自: 心情客栈

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