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Winner of SingTel Hawker Heroes Vs Gordon Ramsay!

Did any of you managed to Catch Chef Gordon Ramsay Live in Singapore?
5 July, 1:00pm to 2:00pm - Training Cookoff #1 @ Tian Tian Maxwell
Chef Gordon Ramsay draws crowd at Tian Tian Chicken Rice Stall
Chef Gorden Ramsay learning the tricks from Tian Tian Chicken Rice Stall Owner
5 July, 8:30pm to 9:30pm - Training Cookoff #2 @ Jumbo Seafood East Coast Parkway
Gordon Ramsay at Jumbo Seafood East Coast Park

6 July, 2:00pm to 3:00pm - Training Cookoff #3 @ 328 Katong Laksa
Gordon Ramsay at 328 Katong Laksa
And today is the last chance to catch the Michelin-starred Chef, Gordon Ramsay!  The Final Showdown is held at Newton Circus Food Centre, 6:30pm to 9:00pm!
 The organiser gearing up to the SingTel #HawkerHeroes challenge
Long public queue formed for the #HawkerHeroes Challenge food redemption! 
Heard the queue starts as early as 1:00am+?  Unbelieveable!!!
Opening Ceremony for the HawkerHeroes Cook-off Challenge.
Mad crowd at Newton Circus Food Centre for the HawkerHeroes Challenge!!!

Satisfied fans who got Chef's Ramsay's autograph.
All cameras on the HawkerHero Challenge held in Newton Circus Food Centre!!!
Distribution of the HawkerHeroes tasting platters.
Chef Ramsay Vs Singapore HawkerHeroes tasting platter, which version will you die for?
Tian Tian Chicken Rice Mdm Foo trying out chicken rice by chef Ramsay, how does he fare?
Hawker Heros Challenge Hosts for the day! Glenn Ong, Jean Danker, Lee Pei Fen and KF SeeToh
Happy public get to try the HawkerHeros tasting platter, so what's are the verdicts?
Happy faces after collecting the HawkerHeroes tasting platter!
Indulging the Laksa at the Hawker Heros Challenge.
Justin Lee @triplez821h via twitter:
Gordon Ramsay's Chili Crab  taste interesting. I wouldn't say it's bad.
Karen  Wee @superfinefeline via twitter:
Sorry 328 Katong Laksa, #GordonRamsay's version tastes better today!
When it comes to food tasting, it is very subjective as indiviual's taste buds differs with everyone having their own preference.  1000 servings of the competing dishes by Chef Ramsay and the hawker heroes - chicken rice, chilli crabs and laksa are distributed out to public at Newton Circus Food Centre for sampling and to decide who fare better through a live vote.
So who are the winners of the individual Hawker Heroes Cook-off Challenge at the end of the live voting?
Cook-off #1 Chicken Rice - Madam Foo Kui Lian of Tian Tian Chicken Rice Stall
Cook-off#2 Chilli Crab - Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay
Cook-off#3 Laksa - Mr Ryan Koh of 328 Katong Laksa
And the Overall Winner is...
The Singapore hawker heroes narrowly edged-out Chef Ramsay in the live poll by 6 per cent of the total vote in the closely contested battle. In each dish category, Tian Tian Chicken Rice won by 6 per cent, 328 Katong Laksa by 19 per cent and Chef Ramsay’s version of Chilli Crab triumphed by 5 per cent.
 Congrats to Singapore's Hawker Heroes!!!
How do participating Chefs feels about the Challenge?
Chef Ramsay said: “It’s been phenomenal to see how passionate the people of Singapore are about their hawker fare. The hawkers have impressed me with their ability to whip-up dishes with such amazing flavours. Now that I’ve experienced the best of Singapore cuisine, I can say without doubt the people of Singapore have much to be proud of - authentic, genuine, simple food, that is of amazing quality and full of flavour.”
Mdm Foo Kui Lian, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, said: “I enjoyed teaching Chef Ramsay the art of making chicken rice. Although his version was very unique, it was still very appetising. The SingTel Hawker Heroes challenge was a wonderful celebration of the good food we have here in Singapore.”
Mr Ang Kiam Meng, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, said: “The contest was a great way to recognise the skills and talent of our local hawkers. Chilli crab is an iconic Singapore dish that takes many years to master and we are glad that it was featured in the contest. We are confident that the people of Singapore will continue to support our hawkers and keep our unique food culture alive.”
Mr Ryan Koh, 328 Katong Laksa, said: “We are grateful to our friends, family and supporters for voting for us, and to SingTel for giving us this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge a world famous chef like Gordon Ramsay. It was a truly amazing experience!”

Photo Credit:
SingTel Singapore
Justin Lee
Karen Wee

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