Monday, June 10, 2013

When the Ex-es gets together on The Ex-Factor at Power 98FM

Couples within the same office is often a taboo, but what happens when 2 Ex-es meets at work?  First of it's kind in Singapore, Mister Young, will be starting a brand new evening program from 10th June 2013, 'The Ex-Factor' together with his Ex!  You probably be shocked that this is actually proposed by Mister Young himself.
Together with a group of bloggers, I had the privilege to unveil the mysterious Ex of Mister Young...
She is none other than previous host of 987FM whom hosted 'Say It With Music' - Jacqui Thibodeaux.

 Grace, Jayne, Charleen, Ben, Smith, Darren Sim and NinjaGirlSg together with Shareen Wong, Mister Young & Jacqui from Power 98FM.
You probably wonder, if Ex-es can still remain as friends after a break up and keep their heads cool? Wouldn't it be awkward to come face to face almost every evening for a straight 3 hours? What if there comes a dispute? What if... These are also some of the initial concerns of the station Program Manager, Ms. Shareen Wong.

However, upon seeing Jacqui in person, Shareen realised that that her concerns are dispensable after all. The Ex-es are quirky and with real great chemistry. So even if they really attempt to bicker on air, the program will most likely turn out to be entertaining and adds on to more sparks!

Frankly speaking, it's really hard to believe the 2 are now ex-couple instead of current duo as the sparks between them are truly awesome and I secretly wish that the love between the 2 will rekindle after hosting the program for some time.

Other than face-to face session, some of us get to experience stimulated recording sessions together with the 2 hosts, this allows us to have a better understanding how the recording of of radio program goes.


What to Expect?
Other than the unorthodox conversation, expect to "meet" the couple in the roles of Bee Geok & Geok Bee, of typical Singaporeans that LOVE good bargains, good food, queueing for great deals and who are well travelled, where you can pick up a tip or two of good lobangs, good food and travelling tips from them!  There will be weekly challenges where the 2 Ex-es compete among each other to prove themselves as the better Ex!
When does 'The Ex-Factor' premiers?
Tune in to Power 98FM from 10th June 2013, every Monday - Friday, 5-8pm.

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