Friday, June 7, 2013

Starbucks Reserve™ Ultra-Premium Coffee at Starbucks RWS

Singapore, 31st May 2013 – Starbucks Coffee Company announced the release of Starbucks Reserve™, in conjunction with the opening of a new outlet at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). The Starbucks Reserve™ coffees, is available exclusively at RWS where all baristas are certified Starbucks Coffee Masters, which is first among all Starbucks outlets.
Starbucks Reserve™ beans is a line of ultra-premium, single-origin coffeesbeans that will be available on a seasonal basis and in limited quantities. For the launch of Starbucks Reserve™ at the RWS store, Starbucks will offer two types of Reserve™ beans:
 •Isla Flores Indonesia: An elegant interplay of maple and butterscotch with woodsy evergreen notes.
 •West Java Indonesia: A sweet, herbal complexity with a silky milk chocolate flavor and texture.


Starbucks at RWS will be using two of the world’s best coffee preparation methods - the French coffee press and pour-over to deliver the flavor nuances and unique characteristics of these ultra-premium coffees.
Pricing & Availability
From today, Starbucks Reserve coffee will be available for sale exclusively at the RWS store as whole bean, half-pound packages or brewed by the cup through either the French coffee press or pour-over method.  The retail price for 250g whole bean starts at S$22 and a tall (12 fl. oz.) cup of Starbucks Reserve coffee starts at S$5.30 using the pour over method, and S$5.90 for French press.

These Starbucks Reserve™ will be available for a limited period, and new Reserve beans will be offered on a rotating and seasonal basis.
Photo Credit: Starbucks Coffee Company 

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