Friday, June 28, 2013

SGD $126K for a McDonald's Singing Bone Hello Kitty?

Are you among these people who queued for yesterday's McDonald Fairy Tale Series Limited Edition, The Singing Bone Hello Kitty?  It was said that some people queue as early as 7pm?!! for fear that this limited edition Kitty will be sold out if they come just as the clock strikes twelve.

Few years back, you'll probably find me among the crowd queuing for these Hello Kitty.  Not that I no longer fancy these no mouth kitties, but rather, I've outgrown myself with the willpower to resist such temptation.  I don't deny, I still buy Hello Kitty, but no more such craze as time is too precious for me which I can put into better use.

When I was on my way back to Singapore from Johor this afternoon, I saw this shocking news on my Facebook timeline.  Someone actually bidded for The Singing Bone Hello Kitty at SGD 126,000.00??!!  This is simply unbeliveable!

I don't deny, back in year 2000, when McDonald first launch the wedding Hello Kitty set, I actually tempted to sell the kitties at a profit.  So what drives me to do that?
  • I spend long hours to queue for the Hello Kitty, whether I buy 1 set or 2 sets, I still need to queue for this amount of long hours, might as well queue for extra sets.
  • The Hello Kitty cannot just be purchase over the counter but need to buy set meal before I get to buy the kitties.T o get a couple, I actually need to get min.2 which ended as both my breakfast and lunch. I wanted to recover these costs! But never did I thought of selling one beyond hundreds, let alone 126K!
  • Given the hours spent queuing for the Hello Kitty, I wanted to make my queue more worthwhile with some money earned.
In the end, did I sell? Nope, I actually give away or sell at cost price to friends who couldn't get a set.

Franky speaking, who in his proper state of mind will pay such a hefty sum of money just for a plushy toy?  Definitely not me!  Many find the bidder fictitious and believe that this is a tactic to push up the value of this limited edition Hello Kitty to sky high prices.

And this is not all, there are more eBay listings around, and one of this actually start with a start bid price of SGD 10,000,000.00!  OMG, did my eyes play tricked on me?

SGD 10 million dollars!!!  Who in the hell will pay for this amount???  I might as well spend a few hundred dollars or thousand dollars to engage someone to buy for me if I can jolly afford this amount. The balance can be pumped into property investments, a tour for the family and maybe some amount for charity.

It's alright to be in the Hello Kitty craze, however, never get caught as a fool to pay for such absurd amount when you can actually get one at RMB $35.00 at Taobao!  Even after paying for shipping fees and agent fees, if any, it still cost you less than SGD15.00 each!  And best of all you don't even need to queue for it!

Here's something for your *evil* laughter to end your week, haha!

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