Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2013 is earlier this year!

Wow, I just realised that Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore is happening earlier this year!  It used to be held, usually towards end of Q3 or Q4 for the past few years.  This year it will be in July only and the venue is now back to Suntec Convention Hall!

However, the details of this year's prize has yet been announced which keep everyone in suspense.  (Usually the prize is announced way ahead of offficial registration starts).

Anyway, go sign up now at SGD$10.00 to secure your participation slot.  Walk-in registration is at SGD15.00 and is on first-come-first-served basis and dependent on the competition slot availability

(Photo Credit: Canon Singapore Pte Ltd)

Date: Saturday, 6th July 2013
Time: 7am - 8pm
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401-402

Just a side note, the Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore does not restrict participants to using Canon camera only, which is a great news to all photography lovers.  So what are you waiting for?

Register here.

[Updated 05/26/13]
The Prize is now announced, winners get to attend the PhotoClinic to Kansai, Japan!  Kansai houses two of the oldest capital cities in Japan, namely Nara and Kyoto, as well as vibrant urban cities of Osaka and Kobe, cool isn't it?

P/S: I realized that many are still confused and mistaken that you must own a Canon Camera to participate.  No, this is not the case!  Unlike N brand, as long as you own a camera, be it compact camera or DSLR, regardless of the brand, all are welcomed to join.

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