Monday, April 8, 2013

Voice that touches my heart - J Rabbit

Do you still remember the Korean Girl with a powerful voice that I recommended before in my previous blogpost?  LeeSa, whom I mentioned, during certain singing, sounds like Tanya Chua.

Today, I'm going to recommend a Girls Group - J Rabbit, which is under too.  Their voice are very refreshing and they reminds my of another Youtube Girls Group, Jayesslee.  The voice of the lead singer is clear as crystal and sings with a clean note.  You can senses the cheerfulness in her voice which can somehow influence your mood... 

Don't believe it?  Listen to the below song - "Love is so AMAZING" and feel it yourself.
And listen to below song - "특별한 바램" (The hope in my life)

And one more song to go - Happy Things
Truly beautiful voice and it is a pity that they are left unnoticed by many as they are non exact K-Pop singers. But if you spend some time listening to their songs, you may find some of them ring a bell as some are actually OST of the K-Drama.

If you are experiencing Monday Blues, I hope the above 3 songs can chase your blues away...  Have a good start of the week and keep on fighting!!!

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