Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Bride Always Knocks Twice 《她门》



剧本: 林志坚 & 刘晓义
导演: 郭践红
演员: 徐山淇,詹文倩,洪节华,吴悦娟,吴美箬,苏君英,陈慧娟,Siti Khalijah Zainal


多亏妹妹赢了《她门》的观赏票,我得以观赏如此好剧! 这出舞台剧以轻松搞笑的手法带出许多社会上不同层面的问题,并发人深思。我最喜爱剧幕是,“换一个灯泡需要几个女人?” 和 “iPad”。

预想购得今天最后两场演出的票 -- 3点场/8点场,可查询Sistic

8 women, 6 generations, 5 languages, 1 unsolved mystery…

A door that’s never locked. A mysterious location. Occupied by women from different generations and backgrounds – and their secrets. A runaway bride abruptly invades this space, kicking off a series of suspenseful moments, frolics, disputes and warmth.

Audiences will find this light-hearted black comedy to be hugely accessible, as the merriment of the show provides a setting to explore the issues of gender, history, society and more.

Playwrights: Jonathan Lim & Liu Xiaoyi
Director: Kuo Jian Hong
Cast: Mia Chee, Isabella Chiam, Hung Chit Wah Felix, Goh Guat Kian, Judy Ngo, Su Chun Ying, Karen Tan, Siti Khalijah Zainal

This is a multi-lingual performance with English and Chinese subtitles.
Advisory: This contains some mature content.

Thanks to sis, I got to watch this fantastic theatre play. While this seems to be funny play, it brought up many social issues that we are currently facing in Singapore and provokes one to deep thoughts.  The scenes that I loved most are, "How many women does it take to change a light bulb?" and "iPads".

Today is the last casting of the theatre play, if you are keen in getting the 3pm / 8pm tickets, do check out Sistic.  This will be your last chance catch this interesting play!

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  1. It's a must watch for all theater show lovers~