Monday, April 22, 2013

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4

The Singapore Dance Delight, presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks, and produced by O School, has marked into its 4th year. 

The Top 22 teams will each execute a 5-minute dance routine at the finals of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4, and be judged by a panel of judges on their technical abilities, showmanship, musicality, originality and professionalism. 

The panel of judges are well known dance celebrities - creator of Japan Dance Delight and leader of the legendary break dance team 'Angel Dust Breakers', Mitsuhiro a.k.a. Machine, Ryan Tan, Loose Joint, Madoka and Tony Tzar.

The winner of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.4 will receive a four days three nights' round-trip air tickets and accomodations paid for, and will represent Singapore in Dance Delight Vol.20 in Osaka, Japan that will be held on September 1, 2013.  A total of $44, 000 worth of prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.4.  After a round of close competition, the results as followed:

Top 3 winners are:
1st: Megamint
2nd: Flipendemic Kru
3rd: Freekzy Bots

Congratulations to Megamint from Singapore for winning Singapore Dance Delight Vol.4 among strong competition with participants from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam!  You can see the joy and excitement on their face!

Check out this video recording of Megamint's performance by William, one of the official Blogger for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.4.

Here are some photos for your pleasure viewing:
Platinum Collection

G'De Rellas


 Flipendemic Kru


 Freekzy Bots 

F&N Fulfills Your Dreams Contest
F&N has organised a "F&N Fulfills Your Dreams" twitter contest. The winner get to receive a four days three nights' package to Japan for two to cheer on for Megamint and witness the crowing of champion of Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 in Osaka, Japan.
To enter the contest:
1) Simply tweet and shares why you should go Japan with the Champion Team and tag #fnnsdd4.
2) Tweet before 23:59 hours on 26 April 2013.

Here's my play, crossing my finger that I get to win so I can go with sis together and cheer for Megamint, and also to celebrate sis' birthday at the same time.

Last but not least, thanks F&N and O School for inviting Sis (CF), Jie Lin & I to the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4.

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