Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb at Artscience Museum, Marina Bay Sands

ArtScience Museum™ at Marina Bay Sands has partnered with The British Musuem to bring Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb to Southeast Asia for the first time. Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb aims to engage visitors of all age group during its Singapore stay and will run from 27 April 2013 to 4 November 2013.

The exhibition will showcase 6 mummies and more than 100 artifacts in total.

To mark the opening weekend of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb, Dr. John Taylor will conduct 4 guided tours and 2 lectures, which is complimentary to the exhibition ticket holders. 

Curator's Guided Tours:
Saturday 27 April, 11.30am and 5.30pm
Sunday 28 April, 11.30am and 5.30pm
Curator's Talk, @ level 4 ArtScience Museum:
Investigating Egyptian Mummies through virtual unwrapping - Saturday 27 April, 2.30pm –3.30pm
The Horizon of Eternity: living and dying in ancient Egypt - Sunday 28 April, 2.30pm –3.30pm
P/S: Guided Tours and Curator's Talk are available on first-come-first served basis only.
Exhibition Highlights:
There is a total of 5 galleries utilised with the exhibitin, including a retail shop and workshop space for creative and interactive programming.

Ancient Egypt
Visitors can look forward to watching a 21 minute 3D documentary film capturing the virtual unwrapping of the centrepiece, a 3,000 year old mummy, that of a high priest of the Temple of Karnak, Nesperennub via CT Scanning Technology.

CT Scanning of Nespernnub
(Photo Credit: The Trustess of The Bristish Musuem ©)

Life in Ancient Egypt
Vistors get to learn the signifance of Priests, Gods, and how Kings and Gods were served in ancient Egpt.
Situla With Incised Decoration
Living Forever
Vistors get to learn more in depth the mummification and burial process.
A papyrus with the Judgement Scene from the Book of the Dead
Embalmer's Workshop
Exhibition-related Worshops/Programs specially designed for and complimentary to all exhibition ticket-holders.
The Secrets of Embalming is demonstration of how ancient Eygptians preseerved the departed in preparation for their journey into the afterlife.
The Secrets of Embalming Workshop

Amulets of the Afterlife is a handsonworkshop for participants to create their own clay-baked and painted amulets to take home.

Activity Quest is a programme are meant for children from 3-16 years old, to take them on a journey through the ancient Egypt with challenges in each of the exhibition galleries and quest bags filled with a variety of tools to complete the mission.

Mummy of Nesperennub
The final exhibition gallery of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb, featuring the centrepiece, the mummy of Nespernnub.
The centrepiece: The Mummy of Nespernnub

Artscience Museum has brought in merchandise from the British Museum to complement the visitor experience, where they can purchase replica of Rosetta Stone, Book of Dead mugs and Eygptian-inspired accessories.

For ticketing info, check out here:
On a side note, having visited a mummy exhibition in one museum located in London before, I can see that the range of exhibits for this exhibition is rather comparable to the UK museum and an extensive one.  With the added interactive programmes designed to engage the vistors, this has definitely made the journey of exploring the mysterious Egypt a more educational and enjoyable one. 

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