Monday, April 1, 2013

In Loving Memories - Leslie Cheung 張國榮

Times Flies, I still remember, when I first heard the news over the radio 10 years ago, I thought this must be the greatest April's Fool's joke.  I simply can't believe that it was true, until I saw the newspaper and tele-casted TV news the same night.

His departure was a great shocked to all...  He was considered as one of the "founding fathers of Cantopop", with great success in both film and music career.  His movies: Days of Being Wild 《阿飛正傳》, Farewell My Concubine 《霸王别姬》, He's A Woman, She's A Man 《金枝玉葉》, The Phantom Lover 《夜半歌聲》, Happy Together 《春光乍泄》 , etc
and songs: Monica,  Who Can Understand Me 《有誰共鳴》 , Sleepless Night 《無心睡眠》 ,  Chase 《追》, Left Right Hand 《左右手》 , etc had left such great impact to all...

Though he has already left us for 10 years, I doubt I will forget him...  In Loving Memories of Gor Gor, Leslie Cheung...

Hereby sharing a song by Leslie - 《我》 Me, which the lyrics is very meaningful.  He had also shared below thoughts which I had translated to English for the benefit of those that have difficulty in reading chinese.

It is important to know how to love others,
however, most importantly,
you need to appreciate and love yourself.

哥哥張國榮當年的離去使眾人震驚萬分,他可算是廣東流行樂的始祖,在影壇及樂壇都有不俗的表現。演過的電影不計其數 - 《阿飛正傳》,《霸王別姬》,《金枝玉葉》,《夜半歌聲》,《春光乍泄》等;也演繹過不少的經典歌曲如:Monica,《有誰共鳴》,《無心睡眠》,《追》,《左右手》 ...


在此與大家分享哥哥的一首歌 - 《我》 ,當中歌詞很有意思。以下這段哥哥的話,共勉之。

(Disclaimer: The above English translation is for the benefits for readers who have difficulty understanding the Chinese Version.  Where there is any difference between the English translated version and the original Chinese version, the original Chinese version shall takes precedence.)

我 (國語版)

I Am What I Am

快樂是 快樂的方式不只一種
最榮幸是 誰都是造物者的光榮
不用閃躲 為我喜歡的生活而活
不用粉墨 就站在光明的角落

我就是我 是顏色不一樣的煙火
天空海闊 要做最堅強的泡沫
我喜歡我 讓薔薇開出一種結果
孤獨的沙漠裡 一樣盛放的赤裸裸

多麼高興 在琉璃屋中快樂生活
對世界說 什麼是光明和磊落

我就是我 是顏色不一樣的煙火
天空海闊 要做最堅強的泡沫
我喜歡我 讓薔薇開出一種結果
孤獨的沙漠裡 一樣盛放的赤裸裸

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