Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LOL Toggle recording with All Time Low, Hossan Leong and Chua EnLai

Thanks to Fiji Water Singapore, I got to attend the recording of LOL Talk Show on 5th Mar where the special guests includes the American pop punk band - All Time Low, Hossan Leong and Chua En Lai.  Due to All Time Low made their special appearance in this particular recording session, there was an overwhelming response to RSVP for the session, so I'm really lucky to win the tickets!

So what is LOL talk show about?  As most of us aware, LOL basically refers to "Laugh Out Loud", so you will be assured that this 30-minute not-so-serious talk show targeted at ladies is going to be fun-filled and makes you can't help laughing. The programme is not only entertaining, but also informative as hosts Judee Tan and Marcus AC give viewers their weekly dose of POP culture scoops with celebrity guests, and share the latest fashion/beauty tips with audience.

Expect to catch LOL during April on Toggle. No idea what is Toggle?  It is an interactive service that goes beyond the television set, bringing entertainment, lifestyle tips, news and information to viewers across multiple devices. The service will be available online, on smart phones, tablets and connected TVs, allowing viewers to stay engaged wherever they are.

Prior to attending LOL talk show, I had no idea who All Time Low is, but I realised on the recording day, gosh, they are REALLY popular!
Look at the crowd of fans without tickets, patiently waiting for the appearance of All Time Low. and how high they gets upon seeing the members step out of the dressing room and head to the studio for sound check.

Other than chatting over the couch, All Time Low performed live too! After the session, I understand why people are crazy over All Time Low, not only they are cute, but they can sing well too... 

Cute poster done up by Singapore fans of All Time Low.

See how Judee melts when Alex kneels down and "propose" to her...

Hossan Leong and Chua En Lai, as usual, never fails to bring laughter to the audience, even if they were here to promote their latest stage show - Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, that will stage from 10th Apr - 4th May 2013.  The chemistry among them with Judee Tan is really incredible!  Let the pictures tell the story!

Laughter can't stop when Hossan Leong becomes "好腥" (Pronounced in Cantonese, which literally means very fishy smell) Leong.

Guess why Hossan Leong is scrutinising at the $2 note?
Three is not a crowd when Judee Tan, Hossan Leong and Chua En Lai gets together, but a bunch of fun and laughter...

Confirmed! Double confirmed!

Last but not least, the stylo Marcus AC, together with My Beauty Diary's Ambassdor, Grace Tan, shared tips on using facial and eye masks with the audience. 
(Photo taken with the help of another audience, as my veiw is partially blocked by the Studio cameraman.)

More information can be found on Toggle's website: http://www2.toggle.sg/lol/
To RSVP as an audience for the recording: https://www.facebook.com/LOLToggle (The last 3 recording sessions will be on March 18,19 and 20)
Follow their Twitter: https://twitter.com/LOLToggle

More photos can be viewed in my album here.

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