Channel U Gentleman’s Dignity Instagram Contest

Well, for those who watched the Gentleman's Dignity on Channel U, do you recall about this Instagram Contest that was held some time earlier this year?

The contestant is supposed to snap a picture of his/her favourite gentleman (one of the 4 main casts in “Gentleman’s Dignity”) while watching it on Channel U and share the photo on Instagram with reason, specifying why he is the favourite.

I've participated, and I'm one of the 10 lucky winners, woo hoo!  Thanks Channel U!  Hehee, here's my prize  - Hadalabo products worth $100 each. Just nice for me, since Hadalabo are well known for their moisturing products and my skin type happens to be of dry skin!  All these while, I've thought that I'm having combination skin type until some time during last year, when eczema hit my face, then the doctor diagnosed that my skin is too dry!

Guess who's my favorite gentleman?  Come on, make a guess...  ^_<

It is none other than Jin Daozhen (金道振), casted by 장동건 Jang Dong-gun (张东健).  Here's my take!

I really love Jin Daozhen's mesmerising eyes, and how he looks deeply into Xu Yixiu's eyes, showing full devotion and determination to win her over.  As the love blooms between the couple, gosh, my heart simply melts and smile along with their sweet sweet love...

Having high self esteem and displaying his confidence simply makes him extremely attractive.  During work, he display his professionalism, seeking perfection; while on casual days, he appears to be playful and witty, such a fun person to be together with.
What I like him most is, after knowing that he had a child with the ex-girlfriend, he took full responsibility to take charge of the boy instead of pushing away his responsibility.

However, in real life, we all know, such a perfect man is simply hard to find, in fact, almost impossible.  So, if you have found someone like him, treasure him. :)

P/S: I really enjoyed Gentleman's Dignity very much.  I laughed, smiled and shed tears along with the storyline... and this will be one rare time that I do not mind watching repeat tele-cast.


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