Friday, January 4, 2013

Today 2013.1.4

Today is a very special day  - 2013.1.4.  It is decoded in Chinese as "Love you forver".  However, remember, this should be a lifetime promise than just for today.   Treasure the people around you, be it, your family, lover, or friends.  Have a beautiful & memorable 2013.1.4 :)

今天是一个很特别的日子, 2013.1.4, 解读为“爱你一生一世”。但,这应该是一生一世的誓言,而不仅限于今日。好好珍惜身旁的人,不论是家人,爱人还是朋友!但愿你有一个美丽难忘的 2013.1.4.

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